What to do when your hair is electrified: 3 proven ways

Change care

In winter, hair is especially in need of moisturizing and nourishing products. If you are using shampoos and conditioners for oily hair, try replacing them with products for dry and damaged hair so as not to dry out your hair, but rather moisturize it. Hair often becomes oily precisely because it gets too dry and the skin begins to secrete more sebum to protect it. Use a hair oil that moisturizes and nourishes dry hair well. Wash your hair every other day, not every one, and rinsing your hair in the cold season is better with cool water.

Buy a hair antistatic. There are many of them now, and almost all well-known brands produce them. They are mainly sold as oils or sprays for winter care, but there are also shampoos (like John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease) that remove static electricity.

Change your comb

The best ones are wooden with natural bristles, they will not electrify the hair. Combs are also available in antistatic plastic with a special coating (matte and velvety to the touch).

Change your hat and scarf

If the hat is tight and made of synthetic materials, your hair will also stand on end and pop when you take off the hat. Acrylic, polyester and fleece hats are most electrified. Natural wool and cotton can also become electrified, but to a lesser extent.

Change the towel

Damp hair becomes brittle and should not be rubbed too hard. Squeeze gently, trying to absorb water. A soft, delicate fabric is best for this. Since towels often get stiff after washing, you can use an old knitted T-shirt to avoid unnecessary friction.

Change your hair dryer

With a constant problem with electrification with a hairdryer, it is not recommended to dry your hair. But not everyone can afford it. Then you can buy an ionic hair dryer that helps keep your hair hydrated. Under the influence of ions, moisture on the hair will turn into tiny droplets and be absorbed faster, and the hair will dry faster.

It is advisable to humidify the air in the room, because moisture removes static charge. To do this, you can buy a desktop humidifier, it will create a favorable microclimate near your workplace.

What can be done right away

  • The easiest way is to wet your hands and run them through your hair.
  • Thermal water is also suitable for removing static charge, which is available in the form of sprays.
  • A drop of moisturizer and even hand cream will help to deal with unruly hair. To do this, you need to take some cream, apply it to your hands and smooth your hair.
  • You can carry anti-static hair wipes (such as Ted Gibson Hair Sheet) with you.


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