What to go for an interview

“You will not have a second chance to make a first impression,” Coco Chanel once said, and it is impossible not to agree with her, because when you come for an interview, it will be very important for you to make a good impression. First of all, the employer evaluates your appearance, and then during the conversation your professional skills. It is unlikely that you will be able to make a good impression if you are wearing:


    • Stretched clothing

    • Clothes with stains and pellets

    • Clothes are out of size, this may apply to oversized style

    • Sheer fabrics

  • Mini length clothing

And so, what should not be worn, we understood, but what then is worth wearing to make a good impression and the coveted position went to you. To begin with, I would advise you to find out if the company has a strict dress code and then acted depending on the situation. If there is a dress code, then accordingly you adhere to these rules, and if not, then you can dress more variably, using a wider selection of styles and colors.

What to go for an interview


One of the safest options is a neutral-colored pantsuit. But do not forget to wear closed shoes and stylish, but not flashy accessories, and the image will be interesting, but at the same time sufficiently restrained and suitable for meeting a potential employer.

What to go for an interview

Blouse and skirt

The next option is a blouse and skirt. But it should be taken into account that the skirt should be of medium length without drapery or flounces, a laconic cut, and a blouse made of opaque materials of neutral colors without a print. Then this option will be appropriate for the interview.

What to go for an interview

Pants and blouse

The next option is a blouse and trousers. Trousers should also be laconic, without decor, and the blouse should also be of a non-flashy color, without decor, sequins, or embroidery.

Job interview: how to dress to get the best job


You can also wear a laconic dress for the interview. Don’t wear a short dress, cocktail dress, or fancy dress.

Jeans, jumper and jacket

This is great for an interview where there is no dress code and you are not applying for a management position. Perhaps these are more creative professions. Then you can dress in this way, but you should not wear ripped jeans that are too tight with decor, it is better to stay on the classic version of straight jeans (blue, black beige), a jumper can also be chosen in muted colors, without prints, embroidery and patterns.

If it is a cold season, then you should wear a jacket, trench coat or coat over it. It is best to take a bag with a rigid shape. Choose accessories of medium size, basic options. Shoes are options such as pumps, shoes, ankle boots if you keep your heels great, and for those with heel problems, ballet flats, loafers, derby boots, chelsea boots, boots are suitable.

Follow these simple guidelines and the job is virtually in your pocket. After all, the right clothes for an interview is already 50 percent of success.



Author: stylist Valeria Nikulchina

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