What to go to a girlfriend’s wedding: 10 beautiful looks

The wedding season is just around the corner, namely, according to tradition, on the first weekend after Easter, you can see a huge number of beautiful girls in equally beautiful white dresses and young guys.

This is an important event in the life of a girl, from which the heart begins to beat faster. Many have dreamed about it since childhood, and the thought that something will go wrong is scary. But most of all, inappropriately dressed guests are upset, some of whom seem to have taken a dress without looking, while others put on all the best at once. For those who want to look appropriate and beautiful at the same time, just my article.

Everyone wants to be the most beautiful, and this applies not only to the hero of the occasion, but also to the girls who received the invitation. Until recently, many couples, having heard about the wedding dress code, imagined girls of different shapes lined up in a row in identical dresses. Slowly, this tradition took root in our country, but the Russian wedding culture does not stand still, and now our couples approach this issue more globally.

If we talk about the dress code of all guests, and not a separate group of friends, girlfriends, then the main rule for the guest and the very first thing to remember is a ban on completely white or black outfits.

White color should by right belong only to the bride, even if her dress is not pure white, but milky or other delicate shades. Regarding black, even if it’s your favorite color, it’s worth remembering that black is often associated with mourning. Much depends on the bride and groom, there may be special couples where even the bride herself will be in a black Victorian dress. But in most cases, black is inappropriate at the wedding.

Do not neglect accessories with which you can successfully complement your image and match the style of the holiday, and this is just the case when you can get the brightest and most elegant of your stocks, but do not forget about the relevance of these very accessories that will easily spoil the most fashionable outfit.

Now, when everything is combined with everything, the usual dress code standards are breaking both at work and at special events, in my opinion, at a wedding, you can also deviate a little from the usual strict standards, unless of course you are a guest at the royal wedding.

It is worth paying attention to such beautiful festive fabrics as satin, velvet, organza, silk and even sequins.

1. Velvet dress on the smell or on the straps, it doesn’t matter, it will look very elegant and elegant, but do not forget that everything sticks to it, it can add a little age, and if it is hot in summer in such a dress, then it is perfect for weddings in cold weather.

Bridesmaid wedding dress

2. Satin or silk dress – one of the best options for any celebration. Choosing a plain dress, you can then fit it into your everyday wardrobe.

Satin dress

3. Dress with embroidery, but only the embroidery should be volumetric, textured and preferably large. This is not an option for everyone, but this dress looks impressive.

What to go to a girlfriend's wedding: 10 beautiful looks

4. Dress with sequins, the material loved by many Russian girls and the favorite of all New Year’s corporate events. Here’s one advice – don’t overdo it and don’t look like a pop star at a concert. It is better to choose a closed model with a length below the knee in shades of moderate brightness.

5. Dress made of tulle or organza looks airy and gentle, and when you want to be a princess even at someone else’s wedding. But it is beautiful, not always convenient. Choose this dress very carefully.

Bridesmaid wedding dress

6. Dress with ruffles suitable for girls with small breasts, it will look interesting and stylish.

7. You can choose a dress with voluminous sleeves… At the same time, you need to be more careful with girls with wide shoulders, because these fashionable sleeves will make the shoulders even bigger! Such outfits are perfect for girls with large hips, the sleeves will bring the proportions of the figure closer to the ideal (take note).

Dress with puff sleeves

8. Jumpsuit a wonderful and very comfortable alternative to a dress.

Jumpsuit for bridesmaid wedding

9. Trouser suit, yes, an ordinary suit, perfect for attending a girlfriend’s wedding. And after the celebration, it will be useful for creating everyday and business looks. This is one of my favorite options.

10. Slip dress is an element of the basic wardrobe of modern life, but with beautiful shoes, it will sparkle in a new light, especially when paired with a jacket in men’s style. Such a set will help you look fresh, stylish and modern.

And finally, a few of my recommendations:

  • Give preference to light-colored shoes (beige pumps are ideal), they will stretch the whole image.
  • Leave the big bag at home, take a small clutch for the wedding, which will fit your phone and card.
  • Do not overdo it with styling, light Hollywood curls or neatly gathered hair look much more relevant than tall hairstyles.
  • Although if you want to look taller …
  • As for makeup, the main thing is not to overdo it.

But most importantly, this good mood is the key to any successful event.

Author Julia Bashkirova

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