What to go to on September holiday when her child goes to school

For every mother, September 1st is a holiday when her child goes to school. Mothers try to dress up not only children on this day, but they themselves want to look festive. Of course, no one will go to the holiday of the first bell in jeans, a T-shirt and sneakers. A woman should remember that a child should not blush and be ashamed of her.

At the same time, it is necessary to look strict, since the example of a mother for a child is the law. The secrets and advice of experts will help you understand this and create the image of a modern mother with a sense of taste.


An elegant trouser suit will always be appropriate. It suits almost any woman, regardless of age and build, as it makes it taller and slimmer. In order not to look like a business woman, you can provide a cropped trousers. You can also complement the costume with original elements. Stiletto heels are suitable for the set.What to go to on September 1 so that the child does not have to blush for you

Skirt and blouse

The combination of a skirt and a blouse is an outfit for all times. It will allow you to look elegant, strict and feminine. It is best to choose a plain skirt with a straight cut. The blouse should match in color. If you choose a blouse with lace, then it will make the image more feminine and delicate.What to go to on September 1 so that the child does not have to blush for you


The dress is rightfully considered a classic of the genre. You need to choose the style in accordance with the figure. After all, the most important thing is that the dress shrinks. Then it will look respectable regardless of the style. A sheath dress will always be appropriate. The A-line dress also looks feminine and solemn. It helps to hide imperfections, and the belt will accentuate a thin waist.

A light dress with a print in combination with a plain jacket will create a free look. You can do the opposite. Choose a dress without a print and complement it with a print on the jacket.

Do not choose dresses in black and gray colors. These colors will reduce the festiveness of the outfit to “no”.

Decorations will emphasize the individuality of the schoolchild’s mother. They should be chosen to match the outfit and should not be provocative.What to go to on September 1 so that the child does not have to blush for you

High Rise Pants and Shirt looks

A modern look is best done in light colors. Do not be afraid of them, as white always makes the image more expensive and aristocratic. Pants with a high rise will suit everyone, without exception. The shirt will complement the look and make it livelier.What to go to on September 1 so that the child does not have to blush for you

The solemnity of the moment suggests that moms will look business-like and at the same time feminine and attractive.

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