What to wear in Mercury retrograde for your zodiac sign

We are gradually returning to normal life, long-awaited walks with friends, meetings with colleagues and even gatherings on summer terraces. Having missed spring, I just want to make up for lost time as soon as possible: to become brighter and more confident, to update your wardrobe, to change something in your appearance. It’s easy to make a mistake on this wave – especially since the stars in June provoke us to take rash steps. The corridor of the three eclipses arranges fireworks of emotions and feelings, and from June 18 to July 12, the retrograde Mercury, known for its negative influence, will increase the desire for change. The trail of this phenomenon will be noticeable further, until the evening of July 26, but you should not be upset. Professional astrologer Inna Lyubimova tells what things will help representatives of different signs of the zodiac feel the summer mood.


Aries’ energy and activity will be well emphasized by a red leather jacket. You will feel in the center of attention in it both at the party on the occasion of the opening of the summer season, and outside the city. Do not travel long distances.


Taurus, as great aesthetes and connoisseurs of beauty, will delight in a flowing light dress with polka dots in light green color. It can be suitable both for an office with a lax dress code, and for evening walks. It will be easier for you during Mercury retrograde than for Aries and Capricorns, but still be on the lookout.

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A bright silk scarf will help Gemini easily transform any look or add the necessary color accent. Wear it around your neck or bag, weave into your hairdo, tie around your ankle or wrist. During the period of Mercury retrograde, try to slow down the start of new business and analyze the current ones.


Cancers should look into minimalistic pantsuits. Severe forms will give confidence and calmness. Focus on a bright color – for example, deep blue or cyan. The main thing is not to overdo your shopping, now is not the best time. Be careful: Mercury retrograde is in your sign, so you will be more sensitive to this period. Try not to make big deals, watch your emotions. Try to pump your Mercury through reading books and completing puzzles, as an alternative, you can collect summer outfits for each appearance.

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An ideal accessory for Leos who especially like to draw attention to themselves are massive chains. Large, gold, in several rows – wear this around your neck; ankle anklets, a chain for glasses or instead of a belt – here are some fashionable options. Mercury retrograde will be easier for you than for Libra – you will not feel tired and unsettled like the representatives of this sign. But still try to control the planned activities. Note the solar eclipse (June 21st). On this day, important documents or a parcel with a dress that you have been waiting for may be delayed. In addition, you tend to misjudge your capabilities. I advise you to postpone cases and decisions that can greatly affect your life until next week.


To keep the balance between fashion and comfort, practical Virgos should pay attention to khaki or safari cotton cargo pants. They will become an indispensable part of your summer travel wardrobe. Try to postpone long trips to the second half of July.


Libra’s elegance will be emphasized by a sleeveless trench dress – a versatile addition to any wardrobe. We recommend staying in the classic beige color. The material can be anything. During the period of Mercury retrograde, I advise you to postpone important decisions until more favorable times. You are prone to fatigue and to impose your problems on strangers. Better put things in order in thoughts, desires and closet.

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Scorpio’s sexuality will be emphasized by leather pants. Remember, skinny is a thing of the past. Today, beige or black high-rise pants are the best choice. During the period of Mercury retrograde, you may meet a former lover, but do not get distracted – this connection will not lead to good.


Agile and easy-going Sagittarius will suit monochrome and multi-layered images. For example, a linen pajama set complete with flat shoes – this one will definitely appeal to the representatives of this sign for its versatility. If you are planning to buy a car or an apartment, the stars advise you to postpone this event until August.

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Capricorns always know what they want and are firmly on their way to their goal, but during the period of Mercury retrograde, it is better to complete the work begun. Business style suits Capricorns – they even know how to look interesting in a classic suit. In the summer, feel free to choose light sets with jackets and formal shirts.


Brave Aquarians are always happy to draw attention to themselves with unusual trends. Geometric sandals with square toes are also suitable for this purpose. During Mercury retrograde, sign documents carefully and confirm appointments in advance.

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The image of soft and emotional Pisces will be well complemented by light translucent fabrics. Blouses with voluminous sleeves and a bow, including nude and powdery shades, can become the basis of the image. The choice will reflect your creativity, and the period of Mercury retrograde itself is ideal for self-discovery and immersion in art. If you are a musician or artist, complete your work that has been delayed for a long time.


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