What to wear to a corporate party according to Leandra Medine’s advice

If you are still wondering what to wear for a corporate party to surprise both yourself and your colleagues, Leandra Medine has some cool and non-trivial solutions. Surely you have already chosen a dress according to a horoscope or an elegant top with a metallic effect. Now is the time to think about how and with what to wear all this. Here are a few rules Leandra Medine uses when going to a party. They will definitely help you decide what to wear for a corporate party.

Wear your favorite sparkling dress with a fun hat

It can be a Panama hat, like Leandra’s, or any other funny headdress. The more unusual the better. And don’t forget about the sense of humor – without it, the image will not work at all.

Wear sheer knee-highs with shoes

This festive tandem is especially good with a short skirt. However, the duo will go well with a mini-dress. And to balance the length and balance the level of solemnity, throw on a laconic shirt made of dense fabric on top.

Wear all white and sequined shoes

In Leandra Medine’s case, these are the most ordinary white jeans and a cotton shirt. For winter, this is already a very solemn image. But if you add ankle boots or pumps, strewn with sequins, the title of the queen of the party will be provided to you.

Mix black from head to toe with a smart blazer

To look festive, you don’t have to wear a sequin dress or something as bright as possible. Basic black things can also become equipment for a New Year’s corporate party. It is enough to add a smart black jacket. Leandra Medine does just that.

Wear a sheer blouse with office pants

Ideal for very busy fashionistas who will run to celebrate right from the office. The blouse can be black, like Leandra Medine’s, or any other.

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