What to wear with black pants: rules for creating a stylish set

What to wear with black pants: rules for creating a stylish set

Black trousers can be called an indispensable item in women’s wardrobe. At the same time, some girls manage to look ordinary and even boring. To prevent this from happening, it is important to understand what to wear with black trousers of different styles? With just one such thing, you can create a lot of stylish looks.


The uniqueness of this item lies in the fact that they simultaneously help to hide and emphasize the dignity of every woman. And thanks to the variety of models, any woman of fashion has the opportunity to choose exactly her own version.

Victoria Beckham images

Victoria Beckham

Black trousers are relevant in any season. The main thing is to choose the right top, accessories and shoes for them. This is the only way to create an attractive and harmonious set. No less important is the quality of the material from which they are sewn and their cut. It is better to refuse cheap models of an incomprehensible style right away. Such a model will only add extra pounds to the girl and will look sloppy.

Dakota Johnson kits

Dakota Johnson

Black pants – looks from the catwalks

Black trousers are considered the most popular clothing after jeans. Therefore, it is not surprising that almost every designer has at least several options of different styles in his collection.

McQueen Givenchy Saint Laurent Looks

McQueen, Givenchy, Saint Laurent

In the Chanel and Alexander Wang collections, there are wide models with a high waistline. The leather pants were designed by Altuzarra and Alberta Ferretti. Classic options have been added to the Saint Laurent and Brandon Maxwell collections.

with the Chanel show


Alexander McQueen remembered the flare, and Alberta Ferretti presented black breeches. The cropped models popular in the new season flashed in the collections of Alexa Chung, David Koma and Etro.

with a show by Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti

Street Style Sets

The main advantage of Street Style is the practicality and ease of the image.

black leather pants with what to wear

Leather models

In everyday outfit, black tight trousers are often found, which are loved by girls with a flawless figure. Together with wedge shoes and thick heels, the image will not look strict, even if you wear an office blouse. For walking around the city, tight trousers should be worn with a checkered, striped or pea shirt. Sleeves can be tucked up casually. Thanks to the bulkiness of the top, it is possible to emphasize the grace of the figure.

cheeks celebrities

Celebrity urban images

Fans of casual will appreciate the brutal look with a leather jacket and rough boots. Pants in a sporty style are worn with a loose shirt, oversized coat and sneakers or trainers.

in a duet with a leather jacket

Paired with a leather jacket

Among the novelties of the new season are vinyl trousers that look spectacular with a sweatshirt, an extraordinary shirt or a classic coat. Models with stripes continue to win their fans.

Models with stripes

In a street look, a combination of contrasting shades will be appropriate. Pants with flounces are another trendy novelty. They can be worn with a chunky tank top, turtleneck or stylish jacket.

vinyl black pants

Color combinations with black

Photos of popular models show that you can wear black pants with everything. But so that the image does not become too gloomy, it is better to choose the top in light colors. Combinations with black in clothes are diverse.

black and white kits

Separately, you need to highlight black striped trousers. The most popular color combination is black and white. Such a thing can diversify any wardrobe, if you choose the right style and pattern. To create a harmonious look, you need to understand what to wear with black and white pants, as in the photo.

black white striped trousers

The pattern in these colors can be different:

  1. It is better to prefer a vertical strip, its different thickness is permissible.
  2. Geometric print. These can be diamonds, cells, peas, etc.
  3. Animalistic and floral ornament.

How to wear black and white vertical striped pants? Best of all, such a thing fits into a business image. In this case, a strict shirt or blouse, a jacket or a jacket made of a material resembling the fabric from which the pants are sewn is selected for her. Choosing this option for a walk or a party, the top is used in a solid color, mainly in pastel colors. For an evening event, it can be bright, a discreet print on a T-shirt is allowed.

black and white striped trousers

Striped models

Both the top and the bottom can be striped. Only in this case, horizontal lines should be present on top, and pants should be chosen with a vertical line.

A horizontal stripe on the pants is more suitable for a sporty or casual look. You should be careful with this direction, it will obviously increase the area of ​​the hips. The top fits in the same way as for the vertical strip.

How to wear black and white printed pants? Rhombuses, squares and other geometric shapes look quite catchy, so it is better to choose a solid top. If there is also a pattern on top, then it should be harmonious.

black and white check trousers

Checkered models

In the photo with what to wear black and white trousers with a vegetable or animal pattern.

leopard print trousers

Similar to a geometric print, it is better to choose a solid top in this image, preferably black, white or pastel colors. A bright accent can be made on a purse or scarf.

black floral pants sets

How to wear black pants

What to wear with black pants depends on their style. A properly selected set looks stylish and sophisticated.

shirts and blouses with black trousers

Otherwise, the image will be dull and gloomy. Don’t forget about accessories.

variety of trouser models


Wide models of trousers will be in harmony with the adjacent top: blouses, turtleneck, cardigan with a belt, sweater or jumper in neutral tones. If you are planning a party or meeting with friends, then the top can be bright and catchy: an asymmetrical blouse, a blouse that covers one shoulder or has an open back.

wide long models

business sets with black pants


A shirt or blouse would be an ideal combination. But this applies to the business image.

classic trousers with suspenders

Images with suspenders

If an informal meeting or a walk around the city is planned, then they are worn with a light chiffon or silk blouse of a romantic cut with discreet trim. In an evening look, they are combined with a top decorated with sequins or a T-shirt with an active pattern.

classic black trousers


Depending on the model of the cropped trousers, the recommendations may be as follows:

  • culottes are in harmony with a black top and a jacket in pastel colors;
  • black culottes photo

  • straight cut is worn with a bright shirt outside;
  • cropped black trousers

  • tight-fitting short pants with a bright tunic.

narrow models

High rise

tapered black trousers

The high-waisted model is worn with a silk blouse tucked in, a solid tank top or a top.

high waisted models


Elegant palazzo, as in the photo, is worn with short tops, blouses with a bright print.

black palazzo pants


floor-length wide leg trousers

Black pantsuit

star outfits

Star images

A black suit with trousers is an essential attribute of a business look. It is in harmony with light things.

black business suits variations

womens black pantsuit photo

Those who find this look boring wear it with a retro-style blouse in rich colors or a polka dot top. In a sports and outdoor set under a trouser suit, a T-shirt, a striped long sleeve top or a youth sweatshirt will be appropriate.

black pant suit for woman

Choice of accessories and shoes

There are no strict rules for choosing shoes. The main thing is that they are combined with the chosen ensemble. In a business look, shoes with heels or stilettos are appropriate. The best option is boats. Their color should be neutral. Lovers of sports style will pick up stylish sneakers or slip-ons.

accessories with black pants

Straight cut pants are worn with ballet flats, oxfords, matching sneakers or in contrasting colors. Ankle boots and boots with stable heels are suitable for cropped and tapered models. Summer black trousers are combined with elegant open contrasting shoes.

shoes with black pants

The handbag is chosen not necessarily to match the shoes. In addition, waist straps, hats and sunglasses are suitable accessories.

options for trousers accessories

shoes to trousers

The photo of black trousers proves their versatility. Due to the fact that they are successfully combined with almost any clothing, they are considered a basic wardrobe item. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the features of the figure and, based on this, look for a suitable model.


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