What to wear with fashionable vests?

When it comes to a vest in a wardrobe, many may have two or four associations with vests.

Sleeveless jackets have been in fashion for several seasons. They are ideal for the work of a stylist, this is an additional top with which you can adjust the figure. For example, a problematic back with folds, put on a vest and the folds are not visible. The vest can create the necessary verticals, complicate, refine the image. I forgot to mention fur vests, many stylists have written them down in anti-trend and are certainly right, but any thing can be saved if you know how.

Consider the most current vest models and options for their styling.

Denim vests

Bulky denim vests are in fashion. I suggest cutting off the sleeves of a denim jacket or husband’s shirt. The denim vest works in an all-denim look, but it’s important to work out the details. For example, a belt with a large buckle, shoes with heels, glasses of an unusual shape, instead of blue jeans, white. Denim vests in the Balmain and Isabel Marant collections. Paired with dresses, denim vests work great too. If the dress is in a romantic style, then the vest will become a contrasting detail.

Leather vests

Everything is sewn from leather at the shows: dresses, raincoats, shorts, trousers and vests. You can choose a fancy biker jacket, but it will look trite compared to the trendy laconic thin leather vests, as in the collections of Burberry and Hermès. Many people style leather vests with leather pants or a skirt.

Leather Vest
Leather Vest

Vest with pockets

A vest with pockets is a sensational trend. Look how interesting – a vest with pockets, like Anatoly Wasserman’s, can be combined with sweatpants. At the show, Sacai tried to combine a field-military vest with romantic dresses, but in real life it looks better in sports bows.

Vests with pockets
Vests with pockets

Cape vest

A bib vest or cape like the Hermès brand is a great idea for a fashion game. It is easy to sew such a thing, and the sea will attract attention to itself.


I am often asked what to knit so that it is bought, I answer – vests. Knitted vest will not let you freeze and get bored. I love the way the Margaret Howell military knit vest works. Office styling by Rejina Pyo also looks very fashionable. Pay attention to the long sleeves, the trend is inevitable.


Three-piece suits and dandy style are in fashion, so we wear a suit vest with our own trousers and a jacket, or experiment. For example, you can choose a vest in a contrasting color for your usual suit, or put a vest on your naked body under your pants. In the collections of the Ermanno Scervino and Max Mara brands, vests are part of a three-piece suit with shorts.

How to wear a fashionable vest

Boho style vest

Vests are part of the boho DNA. If you want to be inspired by this style, then look for photos of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss or watch the seasonal Celine show. Boho is not only about dresses, but also about flared trousers.

How to wear a fashionable vest

Chanel style vests

Tweed vests with gold buttons look very impressive. You can simplify them with jeans, or make them more festive in combination with a white shirt with an uneasy cut.

Chanel style vests

Vests with rhombuses

It is difficult to stylize a vest with rhombuses; it can be done either with a color accent in a monochrome look, or played on a combination of prints. A geometric print can be combined with a floral print if the colors match in the garments.

Apron vest

Aprons are a micro trend that I advise you to pay attention to. It is difficult to find an apron on sale, so sew it yourself. A designer item will appear in your wardrobe for an inexpensive price. Just don’t take her seriously, pretend that you always look like that.


It’s hard for me to imagine what kind of weather it is possible to wear a knitted sleeveless jacket on a naked body, but fashion is not always about convenient. Therefore, if you have a vest in your wardrobe, then it is not necessary that it be an additional layer, wear it on your underwear. But a shirt-front vest will be an excellent alternative to a banal scarf.


For those who want to play street fashion, I suggest crocheting a bright openwork vest. The colorful vest is a folk theme. In order not to look ridiculous, it is better to calm down such a thing a little with a white turtleneck or black trousers, but there must be bright things in the image in addition to a vest.

Padded short vests

The puffy short vest is a story about layering. Puffy vests have already become classics of men’s basic wardrobe, they are played up in business power, so feel free to combine a puffy vest with a formal suit, even men will understand you. And if you want to create a futuristic look, be sure to get a metallic silver vest.


Trendsetters showcase short and long sleeveless coats in business and grunge looks. I consider the vest-coat a stylistic find, which will add character to the image, and complexity, and visually stretch the figure.


It’s a great idea to trim the sleeves of everything, including the jacket. The photo shows things that are complex in style and cut, but brands have a lot of wearable sleeveless jackets on sale that will fit into a business style.

Padded long vests

Elongated and bulky puffed vests are the trend of the season. They are practical, easy to fit into a wardrobe, and will be cozy and fashionable in such a vest. Better a long puffed vest will look in the sport casual style.

Puffy vests
Puffy vests

Military style

Military-style khaki vests go well with a white tee, cargo or palazzo pants, and gold jewelry.

Long knitted

The long knitted vest is a cardigan that has its sleeves cut off. Complex long vests look interesting. By complexity I mean knitting, color, applique, embroidery.

Beautiful fashion vests

Wide knitted

A wide knitted vest can be taken from the husband’s closet, bought in the men’s department. Do not buy chunky knit vests, because the elongated oversized model will shorten the figure and add volume.

Knitted vests with ornament

Not diamonds alone. Combine a knitted vest with an ornament in an image with a leather jacket or shirt.

Vests with buttons

When at school I was confronted with the fact that there would be a burgundy vest, I decided that I would walk around in the models of a burgundy vest in full and decided that I would definitely order a sleeveless jacket with buttons. The button placket is a vertical that slims down, so don’t forget this model when looking for a vest.

Fringed vests

Fringe is the trend of the season, so fringed vests combine two trends at once. The vest can be taken away to Western style with the help of the Cossacks, or calm down with sneakers and a white T-shirt.

Fur vests

A vest made of natural or faux fur is a sophisticated wardrobe item, see how elegantly a blue jersey vest adorned a gloomy gray office set.

Fur vests

When choosing a vest, pay attention to the size and length. Since the vest in many sets comes with the top layer, then take one size larger, there should be air between the vest and the inner layer of clothing. Be sure to get yourself some vests, they will add many combinations to your wardrobe.

Author: stylist-image maker Elena Khmelevskaya

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