What to wear with green pants

Pants green is not the most popular color. Although there are shades that can be considered universal – these are khaki, olive and mint. Green trousers can be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Let’s look at what to wear with green trousers of various shades and styles. Let’s get inspired by the looks from the catwalks, interesting combinations in street style sets and celebrity outfits.

Images from the catwalks

Catwalk kits

The British fashion house Ralph & Russo presented a spectacular image in a bright green suit with a snake applique on the photo jacket, high-heeled shoes with a pointed toe and a hat with wide brims to match the suit.

Fashion sets from haute couture

Green trousers are presented in different variations of shades and styles in the collections of the world famous brands Gucci, Givenchy, Prada, Kenzo, Chloe, Craig Green, Vivetta, Jeremy Scott, Bianca Spender, Marina Moscone.

from fashion shows

Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten

Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti

Street style kits. Khaki and military style

celebrity kits

modern interpretation of kits

For a street style, trousers of unusual tones with a special cut and details are usually chosen. The most successful palette in this regard is khaki – masking shades, including olive, green-brown.

street style kits

“Khaki” is used in camouflage print and is the main color of army uniforms in many countries of the world for camouflage, therefore, it is primarily associated in fashion with the military style of the military.

camouflage pants

Green cargo pants with patch pockets are paired with a fitted neutral top in a neutral color (light pink top) and trainers to create a trendy, casual look with contrasting styles.

khaki models

Choose tops with feminine details (lace, fringe) to further enhance the urban chic style.

street style images

For a chic look, opt for dark green skinny jeans with a dark blouse or lace top and pumps. For a chilly evening, wear a gold-colored sweater that pairs well with khaki.

khaki pants

Skinny khakis or jeans are also good choices. Pair them with a creamy white top, long sleeve sweatshirt and platform sandals for chilly city walks.

tight pants

Color combinations

Shades of green

Even muted, understated tones like olive and khaki can look catchy when paired with flashy pieces. Consider what colors the different shades of green trousers are combined with.

sea ​​green shade

Sea green

shade pine green clothing sets

Green pine – shade


A dark shade related to neutral tones. This is one of the popular colors in the palette. Intense, deep tone for an elegant look. Olive pants are versatile: they are available in different models and materials – chinos, jeans, wide, classic – and are suitable for any season. They can be worn in summer and fall outfits. In the fall, combine it with a beige coat, and in the summer with a white dress shirt. Unless you are going to look festive, avoid combining red and green, as it is usually associated with Christmas. Replace red with orange, burgundy, dark blue, or black.

olive trousers

Jade and sea green

Elegant green tones to match black and other neutral tops. Avoid other bright hues in the look to avoid diminishing the shine and appeal of the deep tone. Metallic gold accents are allowed, eliminating the monotonous dark combination and adding sophistication to the outfit.

navy blue

Lime, tarragon, salad

in bright shades of greenery

Fresh, intense greens inspired by the 90s. Be careful with neon. Balance out bright pants with a pastel top that balances out the intensity of the greens. A dark top can tone down the brightness and make the overall look more subdued. Wear your pants with a black tank top, white blazer, T-shirt, or dress shirt. Avoid creating multiple layers and mixing different textures in clothing, as these additional details will conflict with the bottom.

green neon pants


A delicate pastel shade of mint, perfect for spring. A great alternative to gray in your wardrobe. Tops of light and soft shades (white, flesh, gray) will complement the look in the daytime. A leather clutch and a pair of shoes add a stylish evening look.

mint images

Choose outerwear in neutral colors (dark blue, white, black, gray). And avoid bright tops with graphics and patterns, leave that to street style fashionistas. Try olive skinny jeans with a black V-neck tee and black trainers for a casual look.

stellar everyday looks

Star images

How to wear green pants

There are different styles of green trousers, but a general rule of thumb when creating an outfit is to have the tops in neutral colors, lighter or darker to give contrast. You can also create a monochrome look by combining the bottom and top of the same shade. Consider the popular styles, and what to wear with green women’s pants in sets.

skinny trousers

Narrow models

Cargo with patch pockets

cargo pants

These are khaki military trousers with pockets and often high waist. They are versatile for everyday style, but not suitable for office visits or events. They are combined with a top with a simple silhouette in basic colors – a loose shirt or a white V-neck T-shirt.

cargo models

Wide models

High-waisted wide leg green palazzo pants look amazing with a long pink kimono blazer and are suitable for parties and weekends.

wide leg green trousers

images of fashion bloggers

For a chilly evening, wear an orange 3/4 sleeve sweater and matching shoes to make your legs look even longer. Bright green wide leg pants go well with a white T-shirt, a camel coat and shoes that match the season. For bold, extravagant looks, look for unusual combinations. A simpler outfit is a white shirt, grassy palazzo, wedge sandals.

wide trousers

Classic pants

Green pants can work well for the office, but the key is to get the right fit. Avoid loose, baggy cuts and choose a straight silhouette with a mid-rise and arrowheads. Choose skinny jeans without fading for a stylish look that’s perfect for the office. Other items of clothing – jackets, classic shirts – should also be straight and loose. You should not choose fitted models.

green classic trousers

Shortened models

shoe options

There are many options for cropped trousers, both narrow and wide. The former are successfully combined with ankle boots or high-heeled shoes, the latter – with sports shoes and low-speed boots. The bottom can roll up into the cuffs.

cropped trousers

High-rise models

cropped trousers

Pants with a high rise visually lengthen the legs and emphasize the waist. They go well with cropped tops, blouses, shirts tucked into a belt.


Trouser suit in shades of green

trouser suits in shades of green

The traditional shade of green in a business wardrobe is khaki. Olive suits are usually worn in the office, combined with white, black and dark blue elements of clothing. Dark colors are usually made from dense fabrics (wool, velor) and are intended for cooler weather.

images of Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

In summer, a calm herbal or jade tone is relevant. The suit is combined with a black top and black shoes.

pantsuits in green

pants sets

Male images

khaki pants

The most popular menswear look is olive green cotton or linen chinos, a neutral-colored button-down shirt, and flats (loafers, oxfords). If you love mixing different styles, pair your pants with a plaid or denim shirt. Chinos look good with denim.

Mens Looks Olive Pants

Choice of accessories and shoes

For a cohesive look, follow these tips for choosing shoes and accessories.

shoes and handbags in sets with green trousers

Choose white, black or brown shoes that are elegant. Green goes well with neutral colors, especially whites, browns and blacks. Choose sleek, discreet footwear (loafers, oxfords, sneakers) to keep your outfit tied. Consider teaming olive chinos with a navy blazer with brown leather dress pumps to create a great weekend-ready look. Complete your look with black open toe ankle boots.

current outfits

Create contrast by pairing heels with green cargo pants. Wear loose cargo with dark brown or black heels. For an even more interesting contrast, choose shoes with details (sandals). If heels don’t work for you, try lace-up boots.

Complete your outfit with a bright scarf or bag. Olive pants pair well with bold accessories and gemstone hues. A burgundy shawl, a blue or orange bag give the outfit a sophisticated look.

green pants with white

Pair olive trousers with gold-colored embellishments. It is best to wear simple jewelry with green pants. But a sophisticated gold watch or a forged bracelet can be an excellent completion of an outfit.

Try as an accessory one of the biggest fashion trends of the season – metallic. Gold complements olive tones well and can add accents to a casual look.

street style images

Green trousers are relevant and can become a universal thing in every woman’s wardrobe. Taking into account the variety of models and the rich color palette of this garment, find your perfect match.



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