What to wear with red pants: the rules for drawing up a fashionable set

Many people associate red with accent and attention-getting. Therefore, there is an opinion that red pants for women can only be worn by the elite. But stylists prove that such a wardrobe item is available to absolutely everyone, regardless of age and occupation. The main thing is to understand what to wear with red pants in summer and autumn 2020 in order to look stylish?

Relevance for the summer

Red is one of the few that can attract all the glances of others. But this does not mean that one should beware of it. Indeed, it is in the warm season that every girl wants to look feminine. And the image with red trousers contributes to this.

red pants photo models

In the summer, you need to choose models from light fabrics: cotton, linen, chiffon, silk. The shade should depend on the build of the girl. Dark tones and arrows on the model will make it visually slimmer, and light ones will add a few extra centimeters.

Red pants on the catwalks

Red is a frequent highlight of the program at the fashion shows of many famous designers. It uses a variety of fabrics, textures, shades, cut options. Shades of red, combined with classic colors, can improve the image, giving it brightness and richness.

from fashion shows

haute couture models

Haute couture models

Fendi offers an oversized feel by creating loose, high-waisted red trousers. Giorgio Armani and Chloé have expanded their collections with wide models. In addition, the designers presented a novelty – skinny trousers with a high waist, bananas and palazzo models.

from the Fendi collection


Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani



Street Style Sets

What can street style fans wear with red pants? A printed T-shirt, a wide T-shirt or an airy top is combined with cropped models of a sporty style.

selection of celebrities

Choice of celebrities

celebrity outfits

Street style celebrities

Bictoria beckham

Bictoria beckham

The flare from the hip is back in fashion. In red tones, they are reminiscent of retro. Such pants will be in harmony with a vest or a light blouse. It is recommended to combine bananas and wide-cut pants with:

  • tops (short, fitted);
  • with a loose-fitting shirt in a classic style;
  • blouse;
  • openwork sweater;
  • vest;
  • with a jacket;
  • jumper and cardigan.

Wide models of trousers always look sophisticated with a chiffon top.

sets with a blouse

Blouses with stripes or peas will do. A bright yellow shirt will refresh the look, making it sophisticated and stylish.

Color combinations with red pants

Red women’s trousers can look aggressive if you don’t choose the right set. The top of the calm tones, as in the photo, will be ideal.

red pants in sets with outerwear

With white

Together with white, they make up a light combination. Snow-white T-shirts, T-shirts, blouses will make the outfit light and attractive. It will suit those fashionistas who are afraid to experiment.

combinations with white

With black

Combining them with a black top, you get a bright set that only confident girls can wear. Cropped red trousers are worn with a blouse and pumps.

summer looks with trousers

with black

With beige

A combination with beige will look expensive. Gold accessories will help enhance the effect. Brown is able to extinguish the aggression of red. This set looks restrained.

red with beige

Lovers of printed things are advised to pay attention to animalistic colors, in particular to the leopard. But when choosing such things, the main thing is not to overdo it.

red with leopard print


What to wear with red pants – an overview of models

When creating an image with red trousers, you need to proceed from their model. Various models are in fashion today: from cropped and cargo with patch pockets to loose palazzo trousers.

cargo pants

Cargo models

high-waisted models



Wide models, as in the photo, will be a good choice for the hot season. They can be chosen by women of any age, regardless of the type of figure. This cut is distinguished by its elegance and lightness. Usually they are made from chiffon, cotton, linen, satin and silk. They will be in harmony with the close-fitting top: turtleneck, top, T-shirt.

wide trousers


The classics will always remain relevant. Today, cropped, tapered or arrow models are popular. Together with them, they wear shirts and blouses made of light fabrics, fitted jackets. Shoes in this way should be laconic. Pumps or high-heeled models will do.

red pants classic models


To focus on slender legs, cropped pants will help, as in the photo. They look stylish and neat. 7/8 length options are relevant, both wide and narrowed. A harmoniously open ankle will look great with a high-waisted trousers. With such models it will be possible to create an image in any style, from sporty to romantic.

shortened models

You need to combine short pants with an air top or a T-shirt. But for girls of short stature, short trousers will not work, since they will visually make them even lower.

With stripes

Pants with stripes have become the highlight of the latest fashion collections. Side stripes in contrasting shades look original and add additional attractiveness to the image. Depending on the style, they are worn with T-shirts, blouses and shirts.

models with stripes

wide leg stripe trousers


Today, more and more sports style is combined with others. Therefore, red sweatpants have become a fashion trend. What can I wear with red pants in a sporty style? They are usually worn with a T-shirt or raglan. But brave girls can choose a laconic blouse for them.

red pants sports models

Into the cage

The best option is with a black or blue check. Such pants will be appropriate in any wardrobe. In a casual look, they are worn with a T-shirt, jacket or raglan and flat shoes. Fans of business style choose plaid trousers with a blouse, shirt or golf.

red check trousers

Checkered models

Red pantsuit

A red trouser suit is combined with shirts, blouses, turtlenecks, crop tops. The choice depends on the style that the fashionista adheres to.

combinations with trouser suits

options for red pantsuits

red carpet pantsuits

Images of actresses on the Red Carpet

images of celebrities at the celebration

Choice of accessories and shoes

Without the right shoes and accessories, the look will be incomplete. A good option is black shoes and a belt and handbag of the same shade. When choosing red shoes, make sure that their shade is the same as that of the trousers. For those who want to be in the spotlight, stylists are advised to choose shoes in bright colors: green, yellow, blue. But in this case, the ensemble should have another object of this shade. It can be a handbag or a neckerchief.

in sets with a jacket

In sets with a jacket

Any footwear is acceptable: flat, stiletto heel, stable heel. In the summer, the wedge and platform will be relevant. The choice depends on the model of the pants.

with blue

It is permissible to choose a handbag of any size that suits the style of the outfit. Gold jewelry will emphasize the grace of the girl, making her image refined and noble. It can also be shiny jewelry. Brown accessories will be stylish: scarves, belts, handbags.

Olivia Palermo kits

Olivia Palermo

Experimenting with trousers of red shades, one should not forget about the self-sufficiency of this color. Therefore, you should not overload the image with other bright colors or an abundance of jewelry. Red bows will always be luxurious and bold.


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