What video diagnostics of the scalp will tell us about and why every woman should undergo it

New methods of diagnosing the body are being developed every day. One of them is the study of the scalp. Video diagnostics of the scalp and hair is gaining popularity today. The thing is that this procedure helps to learn a lot about the state of a woman’s body. In this case, you can find out not only about how things are with the hair, but also with the scalp.

When to do video diagnostics

Sign up for the procedure immediately if:

  • Dandruff has appeared, and its amount is only increasing.
  • Hair began to fall out for no apparent reason.
  • The number of gray hairs has increased dramatically.
  • Hair began to break and split.
  • Increased oily hair, which appears despite frequent hair washing.
  • Hair is constantly exposed. For example, frequent dyeing, keratin straightening or perm are performed.

If you have at least one symptom, you should make an appointment with a trichologist, who will carry out this procedure.

What can be learned from video diagnostics

When conducting video diagnostics, a trichologist will be able to determine:

  • The presence in the body of all the vitamins and minerals it needs. There are only 40 of them. An insufficient number of at least one of them will indicate the presence of an existing disease or a predisposition to it.
  • Are the internal organs working well enough? For example, a woman learns about the work of the liver, intestinal kidneys, etc. After diagnosis, the doctor can diagnose gastritis.
  • A predisposition or onset of diabetes mellitus can also be recognized by examining the scalp.
  • A serious bone disease such as scoliosis will also be seen on video diagnostics. This can also include osteochondrosis.
  • It is also worth adding anemia and hypertension. They are diagnosed after the procedure.
  • The doctor will see the effect on the hair of dyes, chemicals used in coloring, straightening, lamination and other hair procedures.
  • All chronic diseases become visible.

As you can see, this diagnosis will help identify a number of diseases. Therefore, it is not necessary to check each organ separately. It is enough to check only the scalp. Therefore, trichologists recommend every woman to do this useful and necessary procedure.

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