What you can do at home with a wide-brimmed hat to blow up the internet

The sun, the beach, wide-brimmed hats – these three words sound like an outrageous dream today. A real summer with a light tan and a sea breeze is sure to happen someday, but now you can arrange a cool “beach” photo session without leaving your home. Get out your straw hats, in which you planned to pose on the Cote d’Azur, put your smartphone on the timer, or trust the online shooting professionals. Get inspired by Christy Turlington through Arthur Elgort. A hat with a contrasting ribbon, if not already available, can be found in the Eric Javits collection at TSUM. But with a white shirt from a man’s shoulder, you definitely will not have any problems.

Christy Turlington. Vogue, June 1990. Photo: Arthur Elgort

© Arthur Elgort

Eric Javits, 39 600 rubles,

Happy owners of a balcony and freezing temperatures outside the window can take an example from the models on the Jacquemus Instagram. Wear a swimsuit or just one bag. The main accent in the whole composition should be a wide-brimmed hat with huge brim. Such content will inevitably make you an Instagram star.


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