What you need to know before dyeing blonde

Blondes rule the world – so the famous proverb says. It’s hard to disagree with her. Indeed, a blonde girl is always more noticeable. Therefore, many of the fair sex dye their hair white. However, it often happens that staining leads to the appearance of yellowness. It spoils the whole view. In addition, the hair after oxidants becomes like a loofah. Therefore, you must follow some rules to be satisfied with the result of staining.

  1. What shade of blonde to choose

Today, there are many shades of blond to choose from, from straw to platinum. It is necessary to choose your shade in accordance with the color type. Then we can confidently say that it will look harmonious.

  1. How to become a blonde girl with light brown hair

The easiest way is to dye it white if the hair is light brown. It is enough to discolor them. If you don’t want to change dramatically, then you can move on to blonde gradually. For this, the technique of ombre, shatush or highlighting is suitable.

  1. How to become a blonde brunette

It is worth noting that the blond has the number 10 on the color scale, and the black one has 1. Hence the conclusion: it will not work to lighten dark hair right away. This must be done several times. Rest your hair after each time. This way they can recover.

It is more difficult for brunettes to keep blond. Black roots will be visible in two weeks. To avoid too noticeable contrast, it is necessary to frequently paint the roots.

  1. How to become a blonde girl with red hair

Red hair has the strongest pigment. It is they who do not lend themselves to staining as easily as we would like. Therefore, hairdressers offer many girls to make a shatush or discolor a few strands. In no case should you immediately change red to white. It can be unpredictable.

Professionals always do a test on one strand to see what color they end up with. If a woman likes it, then you can dye all your hair. True, it is worth noting that red-haired beauties are extremely rare to dye their hair blond. More often it happens the other way around. Blond girls turn red.

Knowing these features, you can foresee in advance some of the nuances that girls face when moving from one color to a blonde.


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