What Zoe Kravitz wears on dates with Channing Tatum

Actress Zoe Kravitz has already been spotted walking with Channing Tatum several times. He rides BMX, she drinks cold coffee in the August heat. The celebrity couple looks like the protagonists of a teenage romantic comedy, whose relationship is monitored by the entire school. Channing also dresses in a similar fashion: wide jeans, casual T-shirts and simple sneakers. Not a hint of Hollywood chic.

On one day, the couple dressed the same: Zoe tried on oversized Levi’s jeans and a simple black T-shirt, copying the style of the new boyfriend.

Instagram: @zoekravitzsource

Zoe continues to wear long skirts with tank tops – her favorite combination for the summer. For a walk in the park, the actress chose a milky silk skirt, matching sneakers and a bright orange top. Channing preferred monochrome to the color of the “superstars”.

Another highlight of Zoe is the blue dress of Araks on their first public date. The Internet was touched not only by their summer romance, but also by the fact that lovers drink the same coffee.

Another reason for emotion was the baby doll dress with lace.

Unlike other Hollywood couples like the Biebers and Bennifers, Zoe and Channing stay true to their own style. Kravitz continues to embody the minimalist “New York chic”, Channing wears the same things that he has loved since the late 1990s – skate T-shirts and comfortable trainers.


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