What’s fashionable to wear this fall? Modern trends

What should you look for when choosing your fall 2020 outfit?

Trendy colors

Away from boring black things! Autumn is not the time to be sad! The golden leaves on the trees will highlight your look, with bright colors as the key shades.

This fall, popular shades such as red (bright), crimson and luxurious burgundy (burgundy) are invariably in fashion. The following colors are also in fashion, which can be combined with the three presented and with each other:

  • dark green;
  • brown;
  • white;
  • beige;
  • gold;
  • bronze;
  • Violet;
  • light blue.

Basic fall wardrobe

The combination of light and warm clothes forms the basic wardrobe of the current fashion season. In choosing clothes, a woman should be guided by the trend towards minimalism, masculinity in the image, and environmental friendliness of materials. The usual clothes of casual style are popular: jeans, shirts, vests, sweaters, etc. But their correct combination and choice of style will make the owner of the image the most fashionable on an imaginary autumn catwalk!


Jeans should be high-waisted
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Denim is once again coming into fashion this fall! Favorite type of women’s trousers and very comfortable clothes for everyday wear – this is how most people characterize them. In the fall of 2020, any denim colors are in vogue, but preference should still be given to a light blue or dark blue shade, or stay on plain blue, black. The presence of rhinestones, scuffs, holes is inappropriate in the new fashionable season.

What should be the “right” jeans? High waist is in fashion, so denim trousers should have a high waist and a shortened length. In addition, mom jeans (“boyfriends”) and flared jeans have become very popular.

Blouses, shirts and t-shirts

What to wear under your jeans? Of course, a shirt or a T-shirt, no matter what style. The main advantage is lightweight breathable material, uniformity.

The perfect t-shirt is always white
The perfect t-shirt is always white
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Ideally, the T-shirt / shirt should be white, beige or light yellow. Since such a “top” is very easily soiled and is not very suitable for everyday wear, you should pay attention to olive, cream, lilac, gray and ocher colors. And it is still necessary to have at least a pair of white shirts or blouses in your wardrobe.


This fall, mini-dresses are in fashion, not very tight-fitting, with long sleeves and even with a throat to keep warm on cold days. The priority is oversized models and voluminous things.

Dark tights – black, chocolate, gray – are worn under short dresses. If the weather permits, it is better to choose thin tights, but tight knit is also combined with some outfits. In addition, depending on the length and style of the dress, you can experiment with a pattern or unusual design, for example, by choosing polka dot tights.

Warm voluminous mini dresses in trend
Warm voluminous mini dresses in trend
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In addition to mini dresses, shirt dresses and solid midi-length sheath dresses with sleeves remain in trend.

Two-piece suit

For a business woman this autumn-winter season, it is worth paying close attention to two-piece suits, ensembles are both strict and feminine. Above – an elegant fitted jacket, and below there can be loose or cropped trousers or midi-length skirts. It is better to choose suits in neutral colors – gray, white, black. The cage remains in fashion.

Blazers and trousers can be worn separately. The first – in combination with jeans or dresses, and wear trousers with a cardigan and a T-shirt in color, a voluminous sweater.

Sweaters & Cardigans

What's fashionable to wear this fall?  Modern trends
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Perhaps the most autumnal items presented are cozy knitted sweaters and long warm cardigans. On cold evenings it is pleasant to wrap yourself in them.

Large-knit sweaters made of natural materials (ideally high-quality wool), models with a large neck (for example, a stand-up neck) and a v-neck are in fashion in the fall of 2020. An elongated oversized knitted sweater with an open neck is suitable for walking and informal meetings.

Cardigans with plaits, braids, especially handmade products, will never lose their relevance. Models should be below the hips. The density of knitting is any: from fine to very coarse, where gaps are visible. Buttonless cardigans are complemented by a leather belt.


What's fashionable to wear this fall?  Modern trends
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This garment came to world fashion from South Korea. Today, fashion trends offer a fitted cropped vest that will emphasize the figure. Cloth vests adjust the shape if a woman has too lush breasts. This item of clothing can be worn over dresses, blouses.

Choosing things to your liking and taste and focusing on modern fashion trends, you should still dwell on those that emphasize your advantages and hide disadvantages. It is good when most of the items from the wardrobe are combined with each other. Stylish bows can be complemented with bright accessories, leaving room for creativity and imagination to emphasize your individuality.

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