When Nabilla radically changes her look

smooth bob and polar blond, do you recognize her?

For 9 months now, Nabilla Vergara has been the happy mother of little Milann, the fruit of her love with her husband, Thomas Vergara. At 28, the young woman is also a successful businesswoman. The former reality TV candidate now has her own makeup brand: Nabilla Beauty. She does not hesitate to put herself on the scene on the professional account of the brand in question, with certain products from its collections. Moreover, yesterday, Wednesday July 22, the Franco-Swiss media personality posted a new snapshot, more glamorous than ever with an unusual look. Complexion, full lips, pronounced eyebrows, long square cut polar blond: Nabilla radically changes her head! “Dare to change your look, try, assume. The freedom to be yourself she wrote, as a caption.

Nabilla sublime with a long polar blond bob: her fans love

On the photo in question, Nabilla falls for a polar blond: a very fashionable color currently. A dye more iridescent than platinum blonde and warmer than ice blonde. Although it is trendy, this color is nevertheless not suitable for everyone. For blondes or light browns who already practice regular highlights, going to polar blond is an easier mission and the change of head will not be too radical. On the other hand, for brunettes, dark brown or redheads who have never bleached their hair, it’s a different story. The physical change will be much more substantial (as seen here with Nabilla), the discoloration will be much longer and therefore, more aggressive for the hair. On the skin tone side, polar blond is mainly suitable for fair skin. Matte and black skin will not be highlighted by this hair color.



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