When the coronavirus pandemic ends: Komarovsky answers

During one of the live broadcasts on his YouTube channel, Dr. Komarovsky spoke about when the coronavirus pandemic will end. Unfortunately, his forecasts are not as optimistic as we would like. In addition, the expert is sure that in the current situation it is difficult to predict anything. Below is the revision “So easy!” shares the opinion of Evgeny Olegovich about the issue of concern to all, without exception.

When will the coronavirus pandemic end?

“I was sure that all this would end before May 1, and if I was not lucky, well, until June 1 finally. All our hopes for ultraviolet light and open air have failed. We overestimated the possibility of contact transfer. We underestimated the possibility of the virus staying in the air “, – the doctor admits.

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Komarovsky, like many other specialists, no longer sees the point in quarantine measures. Their effectiveness was initially exaggerated: as soon as the quarantine is weakened, the epidemic flares up with renewed vigor. The doctor is convinced that only the presence of antibodies in at least 60% of the population can change the situation.

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In addition, the country’s economy suffers too much from strict quarantine. Few states are able to tighten the screws and survive in such conditions. That is why Evgeny Olegovich believes that herd immunity is the only way out.

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“As soon as we close the premises, we will stop airing, the humidity will drop. The virus will remain in this air for days, and more people will get sick. “, – according to Komarovsky, with the beginning of the heating season the situation will worsen.

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In the end the doctor sees two possible scenarios the development of further events. According to the first, a vaccine will soon appear, and the epidemic will end by the end of 2022. According to the second, herd immunity will suppress the pandemic in the same time frame.

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However, Komarovsky has no doubt that over time, COVID-19 will become something like a flu for humanity. Will seasonal local outbreaks, but the global pandemic can be forgotten. Well, two years can be tolerated. If only we could finally live full life again without risks and restrictions. We wish you and your family good health!

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