When to cut and dye your hair in December

Our traditional section reveals the peculiarities of the influence of the moon on the choice of salon procedures, depending on the position of the earth’s satellite in different zodiac signs. When to get a haircut in December 2020, if you have curls? When will hair bleaching be safe? Can I plan a Perm at the end of the month? These and other questions are answered by astrologers.

The moon in Gemini (December 1, 27-29)

favorable days lunar haircut calendar December 2020
lunar calendar of haircuts for December 2020

These are the most favorable days in December 2020 for cutting slightly or ridiculously curly hair — it happens that on one side they are almost straight, and on the other they seem to curl. So, changing the length will make the hairstyle easy and evenly lush. You can also lighten the strands or update the highlighting shade (preferably a cold blonde or beige tone). All chemical treatments will go well, carpe diem!

Monday and Tuesday are ideal for complete discoloration.

Cancer Moon (December 2-4, 30, 31)

There are days like this in December 2020 when only desperate girls can get their hair cut. And in any case, do not do this at home, the result will be … peculiar. Avoid deep chemical treatment of the hair in favor of caring procedures. Concentrated strengthening masks and revitalizing express treatments will give an almost magical effect.

The best days of the week to meet with a stylist are Wednesday and Thursday.

Leo Moon (December 5, 6)

The December 2020 hair coloring calendar highlights these days as universally successful. The most sensitive hair will perfectly accept highlighting (especially rare) and tone-on-tone coloring (brown-haired women are advised to choose cold dark shades, and light brown-warm cozy blondes). Owners of trendy types of highlights-shatusha, balayage, airtouch, foilage, majimesh-would do well to enhance the relief of shades with toning, it promises to stay with you for a long time.

On Sunday we plan flising , boost up or delicate biozavivka . Cutting on Saturday will have a good effect on the appearance of fine frizzy hair.

Moon in Virgo (December 7, 8)

Be sure to have a haircut, as the haircut horoscope for December 2020 says. Long hair needs to be trimmed to remove split ends . And if you are tired of caring for a braid, do not be afraid to make a straight square or an eccentric shaggy to the shoulders. The lamination, nanoplasty , keratin straightening and glossing carried out these days will give a long- lasting effect . The strands will become smooth, soft, silky and dense.

On Tuesday, it makes sense to dye your hair in sophisticated conceptual tones using egg nog techniques, veil highlights or flamboyance with a slight stretch of color.

Moon in Libra (December 9, 10)

On Wednesday, feel free to refresh your haircut at your new hairdresser, but just a little: Libra does not like sudden changes. For the same reason, prefer complex types of coloring in shades of cinnamon, golden caramel or antique bronze . By the way, the hair coloring calendar for December 2020 recommends to say goodbye to the platinum blond for those who often “skip” color correction in the salon. In the end, there are less capricious light tones: wheat, natural light brown , titian, cappuccino , sand. And they are all beautiful!

Tired damaged hair will not be prevented by keratin restoration , steam therapy, bixyplasty – everything that will give the strands an instant and long-term transformation.

Moon in Scorpio (December 11, 12)

So the days have come in December 2020, when it is better for girls with thin and thin hair to get a haircut. You know the rules : a short haircut, medium length with a straight cut or a semicircle along the lower cut without thinning, which visually adds thickness to the hair. Scorpio also favors restorative procedures.

On Friday, you can arrange toning or coloring with professional natural dyes ( L’Oréal Professionnel has just such – only oils and powders of henna, indigo and cassia).

Moon in Sagittarius (December 13, 14)

The minimalism of Sagittarius requires moderation: if your bob has grown a lot, just ask the master to return it to its previous length, now you should not experiment with very short haircuts for a boy . The same with coloring: camouflage gray hair or refresh toning, but nothing more.

On Monday, spa treatments based on natural essential oils and base oils will return to peace of mind .

Moon in Capricorn (December 15, 16)

Capricorn gives the go-ahead for any changes in the image. Change the boring stage at the waiter , Vykraste strands in blue, blueberry , or, for example, shades of lemon – you do not have to regret anything. Carving, biolamination and bleaching will not damage your hair in the least, and getting a haircut these days in December 2020 according to the lunar calendar is more than desirable. The moon has begun to grow, which guarantees an improvement in the condition of the hair after meeting with your master.

Moon in Aquarius (December 17-19)

The hair dyeing calendar for December 2020 advises to be creative in the full flight of imagination these days. Cut a feminine mullet with a modern twist and dye it ash pink? Easy! Do a gentle perm on short hair and stretch from navy blue to sky blue to the ends? Give two! In general, you will like the new look so much that you will not want to return to the modest casual.

The best day for beauty experiments is Saturday .

Moon in Pisces (December 20, 21)

lunar calendar of haircuts for December 2020 1
Growing moon on the lunar calendar of haircuts for December 2020

Only caring procedures will bring your hair in order and give it a truly festive gloss. So give up the global haircut and lightening in favor of screening, bixiplasty or Kérastase Fusio-Dose cocktails that suit your hair type.

Home care should also be as effective as possible. Make a mask on these days and relax in the bath while it is absorbed. If your hair gets tangled quickly, try combing it with a drop of L’oréal Pro Mythic Oil, now it will reveal its talents 100%.

Moon in Aries (December 22-24)

lunar calendar of haircuts for December 2020 3
lunar calendar of haircuts for December 2020 2

Spa care with salon masks that restore the hair structure, soft peeling of the scalp and coloring with toning colors with an acidic pH (such as Matrix has in the Color Sync palette) is something that Aries understands and approves of. Postpone more serious procedures for later.

However, on Wednesday, it is permissible to paint over grayhair, but only with a soft method and the hands of an experienced colorist. Agree, to celebrate the New year with a partially grown gray hair somehow not COMILFO. And if you have one hundred percent gray hair or a stylish combination of “salt and pepper” from nature, go through the service of neutralizing the yellow undertone in the salon. Then on a festive night you will be the Queen of the celebration with dazzling silver threads in your hair without a hint of yellowness.

Moon in Taurus (December 25, 26)

In Taurus, as always, everything blooms and spikes: the hair will look great after any procedure. Be sure to cut your hair and paint in the shade you have long dreamed of. What about a cold light brown with a delicate purple nuance? Warm coloring in peach tones? Or a bold wine shade that turns into flames at the tips? Remember, your choice will greatly affect the future: allow yourself to become the embodiment of your own fantasies.

Horoscope for December 2020: hairstyles, coloring, care

We figured out the lunar calendar of haircuts, now let’s think about the holiday. How to appear at a party or quiet family gatherings on the occasion of the New Year? What to give to the representatives of this or that zodiac sign? We present the horoscope of hairstyles, shades and gifts for December 2020.


Choose berry tones in complex coloring, navy blue or dark gold. A festive hairstyle must include an element of braiding or textural plaits. Be careful if you want to refresh your haircut for the holidays: choose a suitable day for the moon and keep in mind that Capricorns need to get a haircut in the first half of December 2020, no later.


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