Where do they drink tea and why do Europeans prefer coffee to it?

Returning from trips to European countries, our tourists are sincerely surprised that they hardly drink tea there. It is rather difficult to give an answer why this happened. But we know exactly where tea is drunk and where coffee beans are preferred.

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Where do they drink tea?

If you trust the infographics from the site, then most of all they love tea … No, they didn’t guess. Not in the UK. Sunny Uzbekistan turned out to be ahead of the entire planet in this indicator. Tea accounts for 99.6% of the total consumption of hot drinks in the country.

At the other extreme is Guatemala, where 99.6% of the population prefer coffee. The United Kingdom (78.4% for tea) is only 15th on the list. And immediately after him comes Russia (77.5%).

In Belarus, the ratio is 59.7% in favor of those who prefer tea. In Ukraine, 67.6% of respondents drink tea. And in Latvia, surprisingly, there are even more tea lovers – 71%. For comparison, in neighboring Estonia – 40%, in Sweden and Finland – 9 and 11%, respectively, in Italy – 21%, in Germany – 39%.

Why coffee and not tea?

Italians, French, Spaniards, Greeks prefer coffee, but from time to time they also drink tea. However, rather as a medicine. And when asked to make tea, they may ask if you are sick.

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You will not always find loose black tea on the shelves of shops in these countries. The situation is the same in cafes and restaurants. Tea there, if served, it will only be in bags. And we will try to find several probable reasons for this.

  1. Historical tradition
    Each nation has its own eating habits, which we learn from early childhood. And understanding how they are formed is still a challenge.

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    Thus, the historically established love of tea drinking in Russia and England can be explained by its greater availability compared to coffee. In Russia because of the common border with China, and in the United Kingdom thanks to the success of the East India Company.

    The personality factor also plays an important role. For example, the tradition of the English five o’clock (evening tea) was personally started and made fashionable by Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford. And since 1860, there has been a tradition of tea drinking in Buckingham Palace park, where monarchs freely communicate with guests.

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    Emperor Alexander I made a significant contribution to the spread of tea in Russia, who made a lot of efforts to sell it at a fixed price. Leo Tolstoy has repeatedly confessed his love for tea. And Joseph Stalin constantly drank tea with lemon during night meetings.

  2. Genetic predisposition

    There is information that a person’s choice between coffee or tea may be due to a set of genes. “It’s very simple, if you have genes that allow you to feel the full taste of caffeine, you choose coffee, if not, tea”, – says Australian geneticist Liang Da Hwan.

  3. Local water properties

    Tourists returning from Croatia say that if tea is brewed in local water, a thin whitish film forms on its surface. At the same time, the water is clean, but, apparently, has its own special composition of trace elements.

  4. Popular local drinks
    Argentina is one of the leading countries in the cultivation and production of tea. And at the same time, they practically don’t drink it here. The reason is in the mate drink from the leaves of the Paraguayan holly. Argentines drink it constantly and prefer tea and coffee.

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  5. Global trend
    Selling coffee is a fast growing business. And there is a global trend towards the growth of its consumption throughout the world. For a while, the Soviet Union was fenced off from it by an iron curtain.

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    But today we are catching up. Thus, the national association of tea and coffee producers reports that over the past 10 years, coffee consumption in Russia has grown by 97%.

Tea in America

If you are surprised that tea is practically not drunk in Italy, look at how it is brewed in America.

Mom and daughter filmed the process. As a result, users of social networks have a lot of questions for them. “Now I am convinced that America is not a real country, it cannot be reality, this is some kind of TV show “, – writes one of them.

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