Where does the glowing skin trend come from?

Five to ten years ago, everyone went crazy with contouring – demand gave birth to supply, and almost every brand of decorative cosmetics during this period had appropriate palettes, sculptors and sticks for drawing cheekbones. Now, a clean and radiant face is held in high esteem – which, in turn, also affects the range. Make Up For Ever national makeup artist Anna Merkusheva spoke about the origins of the most popular makeup.

When the trend for radiant skin appeared

The glowing skin makeup actually started in the early 2000s. During this time, we saw everything: from the first steps of a highlighter around the planet to an exaggerated gym skin. Now, having played enough with different variations, we choose a natural shine, like after a spa. In general, this popularity is inextricably linked with the trend for a healthy lifestyle:

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    Sweaty skin is a sign of physical activity (which is both sexy and healthy).

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    Much more attention is paid to care than to “decor”, which forces manufacturers to make multifunctional products.

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    Healthy skin does not require a make-up mask and there is no powdery matte finish. She is alive, secretes sebum, sweat, and this is normal.

Speaking of normality, another macro trend that is also popularizing natural glow is embracing your individuality. Now freckles, age spots, pores, blood vessels do not have to be hidden under a layer of dense foundation. Makeup artists apply all their knowledge to correct imperfections without overloading the skin. Well, the growing influence of Asia on the beauty industry leaves us no chance.

How the Asian market influenced the world’s beauty trends

Asia, having become the number one client for the consumption of cosmetics, has gained the right to dictate its own conditions: new product formats (cushions, fabric masks, hydrogel patches, etc.) and fresh trends. Local Asian trends began to conquer the Western world: monochrome makeup in pink and peach tones, “kissed” lips, radiant face, focus on care. Western manufacturers are trying to please customers from Asian countries by launching products aimed at this market and thereby popularizing local trends around the world.

South Korea is the Mecca of the modern beauty industry. It was there that the fashion for radiant skin was born in the early 2000s in response to the emergence of higher-definition cameras, in which matte skin looked fake.

Cosmetics for radiant skin: how to choose

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    Preparing the skin for makeup Is one of the most important steps. Here it is worth focusing on moisturizing (and, if necessary, nutrition), so the foundation will be easier to distribute and lay down more evenly. To do this, you can use creams, moisturizers, and primers.

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    Natural radiance foundation… Apply in a thin layer, the task is to even out the overall complexion, and not cover all imperfections, creating a mask effect. Please note: if your skin is prone to oily, then “natural glow” will appear naturally during the day.

  3. 3

    Spot correction: use concealers and correctors… Most often, additional coverage is required in the central part of the face, in the area under the eyes and locally where there is inflammation.

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    Accents on different areas of the face: cheekbones, protruding part under the eyebrow, inner corners of the eyes, contour of the upper lip. You can apply the highlighter to your eyelids for a subtle highlight. For a natural glow, choose a product with no visible pearlescent particles.

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    Blush gives freshness to the face… Apply them to the apples of your cheeks, and if you are using a creamy texture, then a little on the lips.

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    Powder in this case it is used as desired and necessary: ​​if you want to powder the T-zone or fix cream products. In this case, give preference to the finest loose products without an excessive matting effect – for example, Ultra HD Loose Powder.

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