Where the cat has a purk: how is it useful for humans

Every cat lover has come across how his pet makes sounds that vaguely resemble a working engine of a car or boat. Most often they can be heard when the cat is in the owner’s arms. Often times, if a cat purrs, it indicates that he is in a good mood. Also, a pet can use such sounds to notify about its concern. With the help of a purr, the cat notifies the owner that he wants to eat. He also makes such sounds when he lies down near a sick person.

You can often hear a purr from a sleeping cat. Since these pets spend most of the day, namely 17 hours, in dreams, they make a similar sound in order to always keep the larynx in shape. Bioacoustics experts note that domestic cats purr in a completely different way from street cats. Unlike wild felines, they emit sounds in the 25-50 Hz range. Such vibrations are able to nullify the inflammatory process. The belief that the cat usually lies on the part of the human body that hurts is not just as vulgar. In addition, thanks to cats, their owners’ blood pressure normalizes, and the risk of a heart attack is significantly reduced. Returning home after a hard day’s work, a person realizes that a cute fluffy creature is waiting for him at home. Cats also promote relaxation and meditation. Being close to the owner, caressing about him and purring, they greatly reduce the influence of external stress factors on him.

Cats do not have a dedicated purring organ. Scientists, after some research, noted that it was all about the impulses appearing in the cerebral cortex. They send a signal to the vocal cords, after which they regularly contract when air enters them. Resonance occurs in the hyoid bone, which leads to the appearance of sound. A person needs to use only the tip of his tongue in order to make a vowel sound. As for cats, they also need to use the throat, labial, and jaw muscles.

It is noteworthy that almost all representatives of the cat family can purr. Tigers, lions, panthers, leopards, and many other wild cats are capable of this.

If you observe a pet for a long time, you will notice that it does not purr the same way. If you understand the intricacies of purring, then you can understand in what state the cat is. So, if it is muted, then the animal is disturbed by something. Silent rumbling is usually emitted by cats, trying with its help to warn kittens of impending danger. A loud purr indicates that everything is fine with the pet. If there are notes of irritation in the rumbling, then the cat is sick with something.

Do you love to hear a cat purr? How does it affect you?


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