Where to find a pretty vintage engagement ring at a low price?

Retro heart jewelry, precious solitaire, iconic marquise or much sought-after Art Deco design … All carefully selected and accessible in one click on the Caillou Paris online sales site. Follow the guide.

(Re) discover the ancient charms of iconic designs, from the solitaire to the traditional marquise … This is the goal of Anne-Lise Delsol who, after years guiding the communication of young jewelry designers, is developing her passion by patiently searching for these exceptional pieces. Finds that focus on a e-shop unique in its kind with an evocative name: Caillou Paris. His goal ? desacralize and modernize the old jewel. The conquest of vintage online is now also rife in jewelry, to the delight of frantic bargain hunters.

Vintage looks

It is by scrolling through this treasure of forgotten gems, of rare diversity, that the choice selection reveals its very unique cachet which makes old jewelery the new jewelery obsession: the pieces have a life, a very perceptible soul. Most ? A work of restoration and verification of authenticity reveals its brilliance with expertise. Under the invaluable advice of Anne-Lise Delsol and far from the turmoil of international auction houses, the very personal research becomes a more intimate experience. Enough to be tempted by an engagement ring with old charms mixing pearl and diamond as obvious or even a trilogy of Art Deco diamonds very much in tune with the times.

Caillou Paris - Pearl and diamond engagement ring

Toi et Moi engagement ring, pearl and diamond, gold, Caillou Paris. Available on

Caillou Paris / press photo


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