where to get tested for Covid-19 near you

Serological or PCR tests

Faced with the announcement of “weak signals” of an epidemic resumption in France, screening for Covid-19 is all the more important. The goal? Break the potential chains of contamination and limit the spread of the coronavirus. There are several solutions for this: perform a serological, PCR, rapid or even saliva test. But where to get tested near home?

Covid-19: where to get tested near home?

To facilitate this process, David-Henri Bennaim, a young Frenchman aged 17, launched a dedicated platform last May. Jemefaisdé lists all the places where Covid-19 is tested in France. With seven friends, the young man contacted and identified all the sites that perform serological or PCR tests.

This national list is regularly updated to add new health professionals who perform screening tests on the general public. For now, the platform is only available on French territory, but it will soon be in other French-speaking countries.

Covid-19: what are the different screening tests?

During the health crisis, many PCR tests were performed by health professionals. Using a swab, cells are taken from the back of the nose and then analyzed with the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technique to identify the presence of the virus in the secretions.

It is also possible to perform a serological test to identify the antibodies produced by the body to fight against Sars-CoV-2 through a blood sample. Their presence indicates that we have been affected by Covid-19. Rapid tests, known as “TROD”, also aim to look for antibodies, using a single drop of blood. Since July 11, these tests have been available in pharmacies.

There are also saliva tests, which allow to know if the patient is carrying the virus at the time of the sample. To do this, saliva is placed in reagents at 65 ° C for 30 minutes. The results are available quickly.



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