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The main rule when choosing a tone for gray hair is no light natural shades. The intensity of the color is not enough to cover the gray hair, and the coloring may turn out dirty yellow or even greenish… But brighter shades – chestnut, black, redhead – very much welcome. When choosing a paint, remember that the color should be in harmony not only with your wardrobe, but also with your skin tone. Aging skin has its own characteristics, and the wrong tone can make it dull, earthy. Speaking of harmony. With a good colorist, you can still end up with an incredibly beautiful blond in the same shade that favorably emphasizes the dignity of your appearance. Consult a master and appreciate the lightest coldest shades of the palette Matrix Color Sync or L’Oréal Professionnel Majirel (this paint has an incredibly strong line Cool Inforced, reliably overlapping gray hair).

In line L’Oréal Professionnel INOA Supreme all colors are also created with this feature in mind, they emphasize a healthy skin tone and make the face visually younger.

Gray hair is associated not only with the fact that melanocyte cells stop producing pigment with age. Many women notice that over the years their curls change: they become more tough, dry, porous… That is why, when choosing the color of staining, it is not just important disguise gray hair, but also to predict the behavior of the dye on the changed hair structure, as well as to protect the strands from further damage.

Of course, this is difficult to do in at home, because you can simply not guess with the proportions and get the exact opposite effect. Therefore, SalonSecret experts recommend painting over gray hair in the salon.

There are some simple rules to keep in mind when dyeing gray hair, they will help you achieve the perfect result and even slow down the appearance of new gray hairs!

1. When choosing a paint, pay attention not to the picture on the package, but to the digital code.

Typically, the code is two digits long. The first indicates the depth of the shade: from 1 (black) to 10 (platinum blonde), the second – to the main tone: from 1 (blue-violet) to 7 (red-brown). In most cases, in order to effectively paint over gray hair, you need a dye no lighter than the sixth basic tone.

2. Avoid very intense blacks.

Although the gray hair is covered very well with black, the overgrown gray roots will contrast strongly with the color of the rest of the hair mass. An alternative to black is rich browns, bronze and reddish shades.

3. Perform the pre-pigmentation procedure.

Pigmentation helps to solve the main problem of gray hair – porosity. By filling the hair with pigment from the inside, special prepigmenting products restore the lost natural hair color and prepare it for coloring. The procedure is especially important if there is a lot of gray hair and it is unevenly located.

If the hair has been previously dyed, the stylist will bleaching… You should not be afraid of this procedure, since modern technologies make it possible to make it soft for the hair and scalp. So, the compositions L’Oreal Professional colorists add concentrate SmartBondprotecting the keratin bonds in the hair shaft structure. And at Matrix there is a product to which the manufacturer has already added a bonder – this is a bleaching powder Light Master.

4. Try mordonsaj.

This dye preparation technique, which involves loosening the upper layer of the hair cuticle, is necessary for the so-called glass gray hair – dense gray hair that is very difficult to dye. The method makes the curls more manageable and promotes better pigment penetration.

5. Take care of your hair after coloring.

Gray hair is especially sensitive to moisture loss, so after dyeing, do not forget to use saturated moisturizing and caring products. Shampoo and conditioner Vitamino Color by L’Oréal Professionnel intensely nourish and moisturize, making curls shine and highlighting the quality of coloring. if you love tress or you often use an iron and you are not going to refuse it, apply thermal protection before styling: cream Absolut Repairrestoring Pro Longer or Matrix Brass Offcreated specifically for colored hair.

If you frequently dye gray hair, be sure to take care of regrowth roots between salon visits. It is very convenient to use hair concealer sprays. In assortment L’Oreal Professionalfor example there is a concealer Hair Touch Up, which helps to mask overgrown roots. The product is available in four shades: dark blond, light chestnut, chestnut and black.

Besides camouflage Hair Touch Up you will need toning shampoos that preserve the shade exactly as it turned out in the salon. So, at Matrix there is literally everything you need: for very light blondes – So Silver with blue pigments (they neutralize unwanted warm tones), for cold blondes up to the 8th tone level – Brass Off with purple pigments (ideal against copper shades), and shampoo has been developed for brown-haired women Dark Envywhich gives the hair a cool nuance.

How to color gray hair in 2020? Top 5 most popular techniques from SalonSecret stylists.

Coloring gray hair highlighting
Coloring gray hair with highlights

Highlighting is one of the safest ways to get rid of gray hair if gray hairs are still few in number. By the way, with the help of highlighting, gray hair can not only be hidden, but also emphasized, making it more elegant and well-groomed.

Popular this season ash balayazh, in which individual strands are tinted in a silver-gray color, it is easiest to perform on gray hair. Thanks to the color transition, which can be both smooth and sharp, the technique gives the curls a splendor and shine.

Suitable for hair slightly touched by gray hair. Tint colors will brighten the natural hair color, while the gray strands will look a little lighter.

Dyeing gray hair shatush
complex coloring of gray hair

Shatush – a smooth color change from roots to tips. When working with gray hair, the paint is applied along the entire length with a gradual change in the intensity of the shade.

It is not an easy task to paint over gray hair beautifully. Only special paint can cope with it. Top 5 most effective – reviewed by our experts!

The main advantages of the dye are the reduced ammonia content and the special shine that it gives to dyed gray hair.

Color Gels Lacquers – gel permanent dye-varnish with a reduced amount of ammonia. Fills hair with rich, bright color and incomparable shine.

Thanks to the caring complex Cera Oil hair after dyeing looks shiny and healthy. The paint is suitable for those cases where the gray hair is more than 50%.

I love the gamut Extra Coverage… There are natural cold colors, neutral colors, natural colors with a slight gold, and brown-copper, and red-brown, and naturally warm with a slight natural orange, as well as ash-purple, imitating the color of natural cold blond hair. Such a wide palette opens up the possibility of creating an infinite number of shades with a high density of gray hair coverage

The paint contains a complex of molecules that restore the structure of gray hair and provide the curls with a healthy look and shine. The product paints up to 100% gray hair.

The advantage of the product is the anti-aging components in the formula, as well as the gentle structure that allows you to achieve bright color without damaging the curls. The palette was created taking into account the peculiarities of aging skin.

Colored hair requires special care, and in the case of gray hair, this rule works 200%. Competently selected products will help prolong the life of your color and keep your hair healthy and youthful for a long time. Our stylists will tell you what products are in question.

Due to the soft jelly structure and active ingredients in the mask, the product penetrates into the deep layers of the hair, deeply moisturizing dehydrated gray strands and thus increasing the color fastness.

Ideal product for the care of colored hair, nourishes and protects by forming a protective layer on the hair surface that prevents the adverse effects of environmental factors

The shampoo contains a special polymer that brightens the color after each use. The product relieves the dry feeling often experienced by the owners of gray hair and leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Pro Classic Color is a technical shampoo that is applied on the day of dyeing and helps to maintain color stability. Irreplaceable assistant to the stylist. Used only in the salon

Antioxidant-rich imperial tea extract and curl-softening camellia oil give colored hair a shine and healthy look. The precious marula oil nourishes and prolongs the life of the flower. A pleasant feature of the product is the delicate aroma that it leaves on the hair.

I don’t even want to use the word “oil”: the most delicate weightless aromatic texture. Despite the fact that I did not like to use oils in my work, I use it with pleasure. The product is great for gray colored hair, they become more elastic, less tangled, do not break, and thanks to thermal protection they are not afraid of curls and irons

The product contains a protein complex that not only nourishes the hair, but also gives it shine. Amino ions protect the hair structure, and special polymers in the composition contribute to easy combing.

Ideal for gentle post-color care: a protective barrier and care from roots to ends

And finally, some simple tips for the care of colored gray hair from our stylists.

  • Wash your hair only with specialized shampoos, rinse your hair with cool water. This helps to close the hair cuticle and prevent color loss.
  • Moisturize curls. Maintain optimal hydro-balance in the body and use moisturizing masks at least once a week.
  • Avoid hot styling. This will prevent moisture from evaporating and help keep the color vibrant.
  • Include healthy omega-3 fatty acids for gray hair.
  • While combing your hair, massage your head. It improves blood circulation in the scalp and strengthens the roots.

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