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Which door to put in the bathroom and toilet?

What to consider when choosing?

To understand which door to put in the bathroom, you should answer yourself 5 main questions:

  1. Do you need decorations? A smooth door leaf is easier to maintain, but often looks worse than a raised one. To prevent the panels from swelling over time, pay attention to the material from which they are made. HDF is considered the best option.
  2. Is glass required? Perhaps such models look better, but they have reduced sound insulation. Choose laminated glass inserts to maximize sound transmission.
  3. What size should it be? Everything is simple here – measure the height and width of the doorway. Standard dimensions are 60 * 204 cm, but there are options wider or higher. Doors to the bathroom can be made to order according to their size, but their cost is ~ 15-25% higher than analogues.
  4. How much time and energy are you willing to spend on cleaning? Matte dark and too light (white) canvases require special care. The most practical are shades of medium saturation with a woody texture.
  5. Should the door be closed from the inside? In combined bathrooms or apartments, where more than 1 person lives, a castle is required. We will discuss which fittings are the most practical at the end of the article.

Pictured is a model with glass and ventilation

Which material should you choose?

The material of the bathroom door must have the following characteristics:

  • Wear resistance… According to statistics, the doors to the bathroom and toilet are opened and closed most often.
  • Water resistant… Doors due to constant use will have to be washed more often, and while taking a shower, splashes can fall on the surface.
  • Stability at humidity… A poor-quality canvas, even in a well-ventilated bathroom, will swell after 6-12 months.


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Medium Density Fiberboard is a glued, but environmentally friendly material widely used in the manufacture of doors and furniture. Variations in textures and colors are the merit of PVC film, which, unfortunately, somewhat reduces the environmental friendliness of the material and can release dangerous chlorides when heated.

The disadvantages include relative instability to high humidity. Of course, MDF is denser and stronger than chipboard, but if water gets under the edge, it can also swell and delaminate. Most often, the problem manifests itself on budget doors.

mdf door in bathroom

The photo shows bright accents in the bathroom


If the classic version of natural wood veneer is not suitable for the bathroom in the best way, then more modern doors with eco-veneer can be installed in the bathroom without fear.

Doors made of eco-veneer are cheaper – with a honeycomb filling, and expensive – veneered MDF. The second option, subject to high quality, is more reliable.

veneered interior door


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Many people are afraid to use wooden furniture and doors in the bathroom: it is believed that temperature drops and constant humidity significantly reduce the service life of the array. In fact, it all depends on 2 factors: the type of wood and the coating.

Among the types of wood, larch and oak stand out: these species, when in contact with water, become only stronger and can last for decades, up to a century.

But if you don’t want to spend money, choose an inexpensive pine tree and be sure to varnish it in 2-3 layers. The varnished canvas does not require special care and is not afraid of water. If the natural color of the wood is not suitable, paint over the door frame with enamel and varnish.

natural wood door


Laminate doors are usually the cheapest available and may seem unsuitable for bathroom installations. In fact, an unambiguous answer can be given only if you know what kind of film is used for coating.

The most budget models, as a rule, are covered with paper film or, at best, melamine. Both are based on paper, so use near water is prohibited.

But there is another laminate: two-sided laminate, which has a second name – artificial veneer. The film adheres to the surface incredibly firmly and is absolutely not afraid of either water or moisture. These doors are suitable for bathrooms.

inexpensive interior doors


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Installing a plastic door is the most budgetary, but not the most aesthetic option for decorating a doorway.

  • Firstly, plastic structures are made mainly in white or gray.
  • Secondly, their design will not fit into every home.

But if the appearance does not argue with the finish, feel free to use plastic doors in your interior.

plastic gray door


Glass doors (triplex) have all the advantages of plastic ones (absolute water resistance, noise insulation), but at the same time they look more expensive and refined. So that you cannot see what is happening in the bathroom from the outside, choose matte, mirror or colored models.

glass door to bathroom

In the photo there is a glass sheet with a pattern

Which design is more practical?

The second important nuance that should be taken into account after choosing a material is the opening mechanism.


The classic model, familiar to everyone. In the bathroom, you need to install it so that the canvas opens outward – this is provided even in the SNIP. According to safety rules, it will be easier to leave a small room (bathroom, toilet) by pushing the door away from you.

Another important factor – opening from the outside in case of an emergency. For example, a person in the bathroom who has fainted or cannot move for another reason will not block the entrance to the room with his body.

white door in the bathroom


Having a small margin of the outside wall, you can put a sliding structure in the bathroom – a compartment or a barn door. It does not require space to open in front of itself, but it will be quite problematic to close from the inside.

Advice! If the length of the wall on one side is not enough, use two barn doors sliding towards each other.

barn door to bathroom

In the photo is a barn structure for a bathroom


When there is no space at all and you have to save every centimeter, pay attention to folding structures. To open, they do not need a free section of the wall or space outside, because when you pull on the handle, the mechanism just folds like an accordion.

The main disadvantage of books – high noise level when opening and closing. Loud sound is caused by folds shifting against each other or opening them.

door-book in the interior

Do you need a ventilation grill?

The main condition for the correct microclimate in the bathroom is free air circulation. Air currents reduce moisture levels, equalize temperatures and reduce the likelihood of mold.

If you notice that after taking a shower, condensation remains in the room for a long time (water leaks on mirrors, tiles) – provide emergency and constant ventilation in the bathroom.

The emergency is a forced draft, installed near the exit to the mine. And a special grill at the bottom of the door can serve as a permanent one. This solution will allow you to keep the bathroom door constantly closed, without worrying about airing the room.

grill on the door in the bathroom

Which fittings are right for you?

The choice of fittings is just as important as the selection of the canvas and the box. The convenience of using the door will depend on the quality of the “body kits”: easy opening and closing, absence of extraneous sounds, etc.

bathroom handle with lock

If the hinges are almost invisible, then you will use the handle and the lock every day – therefore, their choice should be approached with all responsibility. Fittings of the correct geometric shape, for example, look stylish, but in a small bathroom there is a risk of injury from sharp edges.

latch in the bathroom

Round handles are safer, but they are extremely inconvenient to open with wet hands. The most suitable option is a regular flow-shaped lever handle.

door with lock for toilet

What should be considered in appearance?

The appearance of the door plays an important visual role: models that are unsuitable in color and style can ruin the design of the entire apartment. For example, for hi-tech or minimalism, smooth white or gray canvases with smooth glass are the best choice. And doors with natural veneer covering, decorated with stained-glass windows, are best left to the classic interior.

black accents in the bathroom

white doors and furniture

white abmarine door

If furniture of the same color and style is used throughout the apartment, select doors for it. If the walls in all rooms have the same shade, let them become the main one to which the canvases are selected.

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white bathroom with door

Bathroom doors do not have to be different from other rooms. To install the same doors throughout the apartment, first select the bathroom doors, and then order the same for the rest of the openings.

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