Which down jacket to wear with a skirt – 6 fashion rules for a complex combination

Modern fashion is quite flexible and allows you to combine things of different styles and styles, including such a feminine wardrobe element as a skirt and a bulky winter jacket. But in order for these two things to become friends, certain rules must be followed. It is about them and will be discussed in our material.

Main rules

First of all, let’s look at an example when we combine a long skirt (midi or even maxi) with a long down jacket. If both things are made in the same color scheme, then you don’t have to worry about choosing the right length. However, in the case when the skirt and down jacket are matched in contrast, it is important to consider the following. The difference between the length of the jacket and the length of the skirt should be no more than 20-30 centimeters. Otherwise, the border between them will visually shorten the growth. Winter clothes already look quite cumbersome and visually increase the figure, and the abundance of horizontal lines only aggravates the situation. Keep this in mind when collecting an image, and choose a jacket that is no more than 20-30 centimeters shorter than the skirt.


When you combine a MIDI skirt with a jacket up to mid-thigh or knee, then you are very at risk of visually losing centimeters of growth. To smooth out the effect, put together a total bow in a single color scheme. The shades may be completely identical or slightly different in brightness and saturation. You can see a great example of this image in the picture above.

Another example of successful interaction: you can choose a down jacket in a bright shade and choose a skirt with a print that will duplicate the color of the jacket. This technique will ensure a smooth transition from one layer to another and visually smooth out the boundaries between them. Thanks to such a clever trick, you will save centimeters of growth and will look proportionally, despite the length and volume of the jacket.

The secret of an ideal image lies not only in the length of a down jacket or skirt, but also in the ability to combine styles. The voluminous, puffed jacket makes the upper part of the body visually larger. To compensate for the volume, choose an A-line skirt. In this way, we will balance the proportions and bring the figure as close as possible to the “hourglass”shape. If you do not observe this rule and, for example, choose a skirt with a narrow cut, we will get the effect of pitching — large arms, wide shoulders and short thin legs.

However, if you want to wear a straight or narrow skirt with a jacket, there are also loopholes. Choose a model up to mid-thigh and complement it with a belt. This way, you will emphasize the waistline, and the bell-bottom from the waistline will add volume to the hips and visually balance the massive upper part.

Do not be afraid to play even more on the contrast and boldly combine the opposite textures in the image with a down jacket and skirt. This will make your outfit more interesting and help you achieve the most effective result. Luxurious velvet, bold leather or light flowing silk is a great way to visually enhance the winter look with a jacket.

And now let’s analyze what can go wrong in the combination of “down jacket + skirt”.

No image will be enhanced by a tight, flimsy jacket. First, in winter, it is of no use — it is unlikely that such a model will be able to warm you in the cold. Secondly, it visually breaks the proportions of the figure, emphasizes the volume in the upper part of the body more strongly and argues with the wide hem of the skirt.

But here is the same mistake that we mentioned in rule number 4. Not only does a voluminous jacket make the upper part of the body larger, but also against the background of a tapering skirt, this effect is doubly amplified.

An abundance of horizontal borders, conflicting shades, inappropriate length — there is no harmony and integrity in this image. Remember that the skirt and down jacket look together, they need to be visually “linked”, for example, with the help of color. This way, one layer will flow into another, forming a single silhouette.

When it comes to a mini, a jacket can be either longer or shorter than a skirt, but the combination of two things of the same length looks doubtful in 100% of cases. From the outside, it looks like you were in such a hurry that you completely forgot to put something down…

Another mistake that you can make in combination with a mini skirt. In this version, do not wear a jacket with a belt and a flared edge. This will visually increase your hips and add an extra contrasting border to your image.

Well, a clear example of how a large difference between the length of a jacket and the length of a skirt can visually ” eat ” growth. Comments are unnecessary here…

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