Which jeans and trousers are no longer relevant in the new season, and which ones you should pay attention to

Every season, some things come into fashion, while others, on the contrary, become anti-trends. Therefore, those girls who are trying to dress in accordance with fashion trends should know this. Then you can easily pick up a set with jeans and trousers for any occasion.

Jeans and pants that you shouldn’t buy in the new season

  1. Skinny jeans were worn by almost all girls a couple of years ago. Fashion has changed today. Jeans and trousers, which are both free and comfortable, are relevant. This means that they must be free. Perhaps the fashion for skinny will return in a few years. Therefore, do not move them too far.
  2. Floral appliqué jeans could be seen on girls last year. Flowers always attract attention. However, flowers are declared anti-trend in the coming season. Perhaps for the reason that flowers could be found everywhere: on jeans, and on bags, and on jackets.
  3. Trousers with stripes, just like previous models, can be temporarily put in the far corner of the cabinet. Their time will surely come someday, but for now they refer to anti-trends.
  4. Low-cut models have not adorned any girl. Even one extra kilogram will immediately become noticeable to the naked eye. In addition, such trousers visually shorten the legs and the girl seems shorter. Women should remember the main rule: clothes should hide flaws, and not show them off.
  5. A definite “no” in the new season should be said to ripped jeans. They simplify the image, one might say, spoil it, creating a sense of carelessness.

Jeans and pants worth buying for the new season

  1. Jeans and trousers with a high waist will show their owner in a favorable light. The woman will appear taller, her legs will visually become longer.
  2. Flared trousers are still at their peak. Their main advantage is that this model covers the heel. This creates the feeling that the girl is much taller than she really is.
  3. Wide models are good because a woman feels free and comfortable in them. These trousers do not restrict movement. The main rule of the new season is convenience. Therefore, the option with wide trousers is worth considering.
  4. Trousers and straight-leg jeans are considered classics that will always be in fashion. Therefore, you can safely wear straight trousers, especially since they look harmonious with almost all things.


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