which model will decorate the image, making it more trendy

The bag is an indispensable accessory that completes the look. In the article, we’ll talk about fashionable bags for the summer of 2020 – actual shapes, popular colors and general trends.

1. Baguette

The most popular model this summer. Available in leather, faux fur or nylon this season. The main advantage of the baguette is its convenience, since the bag can be carried over the shoulder.

Photo: Mandy Pierce
Фото: Fashionchick

2. From beads

Stylish model for the summer, which is great for creating romantic looks. We recommend combining a beaded bag with laconic basics so as not to overload the outfit.

Photo: Cynara
Photo: BaBoNee

3.With buckle

The buckle on the bag becomes an accent detail in the image. Such a bag will suit those who prefer laconic models, but want to add zest to their look. Accessories or shoes can be matched to the color of the buckle.

Photo: Never Out Of Style
Photo: Janet Olson

4. Rounded

These bags serve as an alternative to the popular Dior saddle bag. Soft lines, but at the same time a strict shape, as well as the ability to carry the bag on the shoulder, make this model ideal for everyday wear.

Photo: Alessia Marullo
Photo: Chinda Phraph

5.With chains

Plastic or metal chains can act as both a handle and a decorative element. In the spring of this year, chains were also relevant, however, by the summer, massive links will become the most trendy option.

Photo: Julia Johnson
Photo: Mathilde Gohler

6. Satin

A very eye catching bag perfect for evening events and celebrations. More daring women of fashion can introduce such a model into their everyday wardrobe – we recommend combining it with jeans and a white T-shirt.

Photo: Etsy
Actual bags for women for summer 2020
Photo: Cocktail Brut

7. Wicker

This woven straw bag is suitable for urban environments as well as for vacations and the beach. The woven bag can be decorated with chains, beads and shells – this way you combine several trends in one piece.

Which bag to choose for summer 2020
Фото: Audrey Fitzjohn
Bag for summer 2020
Photo: YourYarn

8. Bag

The small bucket bag is suitable for hiking and evening activities as it contains the essentials. The model is perfect for creating light and elegant looks.

Fashionable bags for summer 2020
Фото: Kaitlin
Fashionable summer bags 2020
Photo: Bershka



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