White hair: should we avoid coloring large surfaces?

Because the outcome is uncertain

The white hair comes back tirelessly and rather quickly: after only about three weeks, it is again a centimeter of root to catch up! And if your base color is dark, the roots are all the more visible. Less expensive than coloring in a salon, faster than an appointment at the hairdresser, do-it-yourself hair colorings may seem a good solution. In the box, everything is there: gloves, high-performance coloring formula, care … However, these kits do not always meet consumers’ expectations. That’s why.

Because there is no expert

It is not a quality issue. The coloring kits found in stores today are much better than they used to be. They are even, for the most part, of professional quality. However, the end result is still often far from the desired effects at the start. The reason is simple: we do not know how the hair will react. If the result is too dark or too uniform, it risks hardening the features and aging the face. Also, finding the right shade can be a real challenge, as we often tend to think of ourselves as darker or lighter than we actually are. Do not hesitate, on the occasion of an appointment with your hairdresser, asked her that she is exactly your hair color.

Because the application is complex

In the salon, we are faced with a professional, an expert in colorimetry, who conducts a consultation before undertaking anything. He analyzes the condition of the hair and asks us about our “liabilities”. Depending on whether our hair is natural or not, the action of the coloring will not be the same and the result therefore either. It also defines the base color and knows how to sort out our desires and our real needs. Finally, he perfectly masters the application technique. However, a well done coloring lasts longer …

Because catching up on mistakes can get expensive

It is not a question of spreading a gel or a mousse all over the hair evenly, especially when you want to fill the regrowth. You have to know how to dose between the roots and the lengths in order to cover the root of white hair without loading the lengths with pigments. Moreover, colorists never color (or bleach) their hair themselves, they always call on another professional! So, if you only want to camouflage your roots, apply the coloring locally and especially not evenly all over the hair.


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