White hair: what foods to limit their appearance?

White hair: why do they appear?

The White hair often appear in their 30s, but depending on the person, they may point the tip of their nose earlier or later. However, be aware that they are more and more fashionable and some haircuts for white hair or hairstyles enhance them more. White hair is more fragile than other hair because it lacks melanin. They must therefore do the object of particular care. But why do they appear? This can be explained by several factors: genetic, the stress, the emotional shocks or a poor lifestyle and therefore food. Here are the food groups to favor for healthy hair.

Limit gray hair: focus on proteins

Whether they are original animals or vegetable, proteins play a key role in well-being of hair. We must give preference to white meats, fatty fish, legumes or even eggs.

Limit gray hair: stock up on vitamins

The vitamins A, C and E are essential in helping cells to renew themselves and they make it possible to stronger hair. They can be found in fruits and the vegetables such as citrus fruits, carrots, green vegetables, pumpkins… You have the choice!

Limit gray hair: consume oilseeds and legumes

They are good for the health of hair. The oilseeds like hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, are full of vitamins and minerals, very important for it to develop well. They also provide a good dose of zinc, a component that helps synthesize keratin, a protein that makes up 97% of the hair fiber. The zinc allows keep the hair strong, more resistant and delays its aging. As for legumes, some such as lentils are very interesting, especially thanks to their content in do. The latter allows in particular to grow the hair well.


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