White pants: stylish models and fashionable looks

White pants: stylish models and fashionable looks

White pants for women are unlikely to go out of style. White represents femininity and purity. Things in white can add elegance and romantic touch to the image. In each season, designers offer a huge selection of models from snow-white fabrics and options for images with this element of the wardrobe. What can I wear with white women’s pants? Let’s get inspired by outfits and compose images.

White pants for the summer

Traditionally, white trousers were the highlight of the summer wardrobe. They are suitable for women of all ages. They can be worn for a walk, office, travel or party. Such things are sewn from thin lightweight fabrics, which makes them even more relevant for the warm season. Thicker fabrics are suitable for spring or early dry fall.

high-waisted models

High-rise models

Models in fashion collections

Few designers have ignored this color when creating fashion collections.



Emporio Armani, Ralf Loren and others presented white women’s loose-fitting gabardine trousers.

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani


Among the new products are high-waisted silk models. Fashion houses also presented cropped cigar trousers, sewn culottes from snow-white fabric and lace sets

trouser sets with guipure

Not without snow-white evening total dresses.

total look white

White trousers are a must-have for cruise collections.

CHANEL cruise collection


The designers also decided to recall the cargo models with patch pockets, which have become so popular this season. Flared variants do not lose ground. But here the opinion of fashion designers was divided. Some suggested shortened versions in combination with boats. Others liked the ultra-long options with flat shoes.

evening looks

Street style images, celebrities, fashion bloggers

With what to wear white pants you can spy on celebrities and fashion bloggers. For example, Amal Clooney, Jessica Alba love to walk in light trousers with a blouse or shirt in a contrasting shade. And Irina Shayk chooses a snow-white total bow for the event.

images of celebrities in white pants

Miranda Kerr wears cropped pants with a sleeveless blouse. Eva Longoria, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Rihanna prefer white pantsuits in a formal or casual style.

pantsuits celebrity

Fashion bloggers often put on outfits with white pants, which can be seen in the photo on their Instagram accounts.

images of fashion bloggers

White pants – top color combinations

Snow-white pants are a kind of must-have for every fashionista, which can be easily combined with other things of any shade.

skinny trousers

With white

The monochrome look is suitable for any event, including a holiday. In this case, the bow can be supplemented with both matching shoes and unusual designs and bright jewelry.

evening sets with floor-length trousers

With black

This contrast with black looks stylish and status.

classic models

Putting on a black jacket on top, you get a business suit for an office or business meeting.

white and black in clothes

With red

Wearing pants with a red shirt or blouse, you can go both to work and to a party. The red and white combination will emphasize femininity and give self-confidence.

red and white pants

With blue

Such a combination will make the image sophisticated and seductive. Blue and white are nautical colors.

blue and white

With green

An interesting combination preferred by cheerful and self-confident girls.

white and green

With gray

A great combination can be seen in looks with gray knitwear or a jacket.

white and gray

With brown

Beige and brown colors look elegant in sets with a white bottom.

white with brown

Bright shades

White summer trousers look good with yellow, coffee, raspberry and turquoise tops. A floral print will also be appropriate, making the image romantic.

what is the combination of white pants

Feature of the choice of fabric and density

Women’s summer white trousers should be sewn from thin, lightweight material.

Wide linen models, as in the photo, look unpretentious. Due to the good breathability and softness of the material, such clothes will always be comfortable.

linen trousers

Chiffon is a good option for summer. Pants made of this material will be in harmony with a tunic and shorts under a transparent fabric. And if she has lace elements or embroidery, then the outfit is suitable even for an evening out.

chiffon pants ideas

Most often in the summer you can find cotton pants. The variety of their models allows you to create any images. In addition, synthetic threads can be added to cotton. This makes the material more comfortable, more wear-resistant and less wrinkling.

cotton options

Pay attention to the density of the fabric, the body should not show through, and the linen should not show through.

How to wear white pants

Snow-white pants are indispensable for the summer season. What to wear with white women’s pants depends on their style.

white jeans with what to wear

Looks with white jeans


This option is not only stylish, but also convenient. Even girls with a non-standard figure can wear them if they choose the right model. In this case, one rule must be remembered – with a wide bottom, they are combined with a fitted top. A T-shirt or short jacket is a good option. Wide white palazzo trousers can be part of a set for a celebration.

wide leg white trousers


White summer trousers in a classic style are combined with almost any top. The ideal option is a blouse and pumps. To make the image more expressive, they select an interesting and unusual bag, summer hat or accessories.

images to the office

With stripes

Trousers with stripes continue to conquer the hearts of fashionistas. They are combined with a T-shirt, T-shirt, top and jacket. Desirable, also light shades.

white trousers with side stripes


Cropped models look stylish, but when choosing such options, you need to carefully consider the overall image. It is recommended to choose such models for tall girls with a proportional figure. For fashionistas of short stature, they will emphasize a thin ankle. Add centimeters to the total bow.

cropped white trousers

Such a model does not forgive mistakes, choose your length. It is better to combine cropped white trousers with a fitted top. The shirt or blouse should have a well-defined waistline. It is better to refuse a top that is too long.

The photo shows images with white culottes and shoe options with them.

cropped wide leg trousers


What can I wear with white pants in a sporty style? Any democratic top will do: T-shirt, T-shirt, top. Daring women of fashion have the opportunity to try them on with a tunic, crop top or even a shirt.

white sweatpants images


Flared options are comfortable to wear, and with the right choice, they help to correct possible figure flaws. Stylists advise to combine with fitted blouses or tied at the waist. If the task is to choose a universal bow, it is suggested to wear white pants together with a red shirt and a black jacket. In this manner, it is permissible to appear both in the office and at a holiday.

white flared trousers

Choice of shoes and accessories

When choosing shoes and accessories, they are guided by the model of trousers. Wide options call for sophisticated footwear. Narrow ones, on the contrary, will look harmonious without a heel. From footwear in summer, light boats, wedge sandals, sandals, sneakers, slip-ons and sneakers will be relevant.

The flare is paired with rough footwear. But the widest selection of shoes is available for white jeans. The choice will depend on the desired look. Any sandals, shoes, sneakers, slates look harmonious with them.

shoes with white pants

Bright accessories will help to add a zest to the image. Multi-layer chains, stylish bags, bulky earrings and bracelets will look good on a white background. On some models, a belt will not be superfluous. Its shade should contrast with the pants. It can be black, brown, blue, or red. The belt in the form of a chain will suit young women of fashion.

haute couture sets

A photo of snow-white trousers proves their diversity. Therefore, it will not be at all difficult to choose such pants for a specific image. They are ideal for the warm season and are made of lightweight fabrics that are comfortable to wear. They make you feel comfortable in any heat and make your look sophisticated and romantic. And any girl can wear them, regardless of the type of figure, one has only to choose the style correctly.

combinations with white trousers

Don’t be afraid to experiment with white pants. This garment is truly versatile, so it’s easy to create a stylish and eye-catching outfit.


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