White sneakers in winter

Do you think that snow-white sneakers are created exclusively for warm and dry spring-summer days? But they also fit perfectly into multi-layered winter images. What is the best way to combine them? And how to take care of shoes so that they are always white and clean?Sneakers and sneakers are incredibly popular today, and this can not but please! After all, they are not only fashionable and trendy to wear, but also incredibly comfortable. They easily fit not only in the styles of sport or casual, but even in quite strict business images. With sneakers, you can not be afraid of long walks, excursions out of the city and active recreation. They also allow you to easily climb floors and stairs in a high office building during the working day.

And the most popular among all other shades for sports shoes will be white. It is a mistake to think that it is suitable only for the warm season. If your sneakers are made from genuine leather or suede, or from high-tech synthetic materials, they can be worn in winter as well. The main thing is the presence of internal insulation, so that you are comfortable. As well as the right combination with other things from the wardrobe and proper care.

What to wear white sneakers with in winter: top 5 images with outerwear

Militta offers 5 options for successful combinations of white sneakers with warm outerwear for winter.

1. White sneakers and coats

In fact, the combination of sneakers / sneakers + coats today will surprise few people. Sports shoes are very popular in the last few seasons, which means that you can even wear them with a coat that is suitable for a strict dress code.

    • Choose not classic fitted coats, but loose and voluminous oversize options of comfortable length;


    • stick to color harmony: if your sneakers or sneakers are white, try to make sure that at least one item of clothing or decor is also light;


    • if the coat is wide and voluminous, choose tight-fitting things under the bottom: skinny pants, leggings, tight dresses and turtlenecks;


  • pay attention to accessories: choose white hats and scarves, or choose a bag in a sporty style — this will neutralize the severity of the image.


White sneakers and coats
White sneakers and coats

2. White sneakers and leather jacket

To wear sneakers with leather, as they say, God himself ordered, and in this case — the designers. The combination of white sneakers + a leather jacket we have been seeing on the catwalks for a long time. And for winter, as well as for the off-season, this will also be a win-win option.

    • Choose insulated leather jackets or shortened sheepskin coats so that you are comfortable in the cold;


    • with white sneakers, the snow-white turn-down collar and lapels on the sleeves of a leather jacket will perfectly harmonize;


    • if you want more romance, you can wear a dress with a leather jacket and white sneakers, preferably in a MIDI or Maxi length;


  • if you wear a short dress or tight leggings, choose a low-top sneaker model so as not to visually shorten your legs.


Stylish photo examples
Stylish photo examples

3. White sneakers and an elongated down jacket/parka

This is the most versatile and logical option for wearing white sneakers with outerwear. After all, voluminous quilted down jackets and laconic parkas are also made in a sporty style. But you can choose different styles and models.

    • With voluminous down jackets of Maxi length, high — top sneakers with a high lace-up top look good;


    • to down jackets of MIDI length and up to mid-thigh, sneakers on a high platform, with an ankle-length top, will suit;


    • if the down jacket is fitted and not too voluminous, you can wear cropped jeans or trousers and sneakers with a low top;


  • if you wear low-top sneakers, leave your ankles exposed (pick up nylon knee socks to match your skin, so that it’s not cold).


White sneakers and an elongated down jacket
White sneakers in winter: what to wear and how to care for them?

4. Combination with a fur coat

Yes, it turns out that sports shoes can be safely worn with fur coats. Especially since now the priority is artificial fur, and not natural. Plush fur coats in the style of teddy bear are perfectly combined with white sneakers and sneakers.

    • Short sheepskin coats made of voluminous long-pile fur are suitable for white high-top sneakers with a high top;


    • if the fur coat is mid-thigh length, you can choose sneakers up to the ankle or with a low top;


    • with natural furs, laconic and restrained sneakers made of genuine leather and suede look good;


  • accordingly, with artificial fur coats, you can also wear shoes made of synthetic materials, in a clearly expressed sports style.


5. White sneakers and short jackets

Short voluminous jackets on natural down or synthetic insulation are also perfectly combined with white sneakers and sneakers. With their help, you can create a sporty look, and look stylish and youthful.

    • Very popular today are considered to be shortened voluminous down jackets with a length of up to the waist and on the cuff at the bottom;


    • they are perfectly combined with skinny jeans, skinny pants and leggings, as well as mom jeans;


    • accordingly, the silhouette is voluminous at the top and narrow at the bottom, so it is better to choose sneakers on a high or even hidden platform, so as not to shorten the length of the legs;


  • a great option will be a monochrome image in a single color, and if the sneakers are white, then jeans/trousers and jacket should also be white (total white look can be diluted with bright accessories).



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How to care for white sneakers in winter?

And in order for light sneakers and sneakers to always be really white, they need to be carefully cared for. In conditions of cold and dry weather, it is much easier to do this than in snow and slush. But even here you can use some techniques.

1. Wash your shoes as soon as you get off the street

Running shoes are not only negatively affected by dust and dirt on the street. In snow and ice roads are sprinkled with special reagents, so that the shoes do not slip. And these reagents literally eat away not only the thin and delicate upper of your sneakers, but also the sole itself. When you get home, do not be too lazy to immediately wash off the street dirt with reagents with warm water and a soft sponge. Wipe shoes dry with a microfiber cloth (it absorbs moisture perfectly) and put them to dry NOT near batteries and radiators.

How to clean white sneakers

2. treat Suede sneakers with a water-repellent agent

This should be done immediately after you bring a brand-new pair of shoes home. Along with your sneakers, buy a water-repellent product immediately — usually a clear spray or liquid. Use the product according to the instructions on the package. Experts advise to process the suede several times, allowing the Shoe to dry completely after each application. This will provide your shoes with reliable protection even in snow, rain and slush: water will literally roll off the surface.

3. Leather sneakers, treat regularly with cream

Genuine leather also has the property of absorbing a large amount of moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to use a water-repellent agent for it. And if for suede it is usually issued in the form of a spray, then for leather shoes it is better to use cream. For white sneakers, choose a colorless or white cream, the latter will protect against yellowing. Apply the cream on clean, dry shoes before going out: in the evening, washed, in the morning-apply the cream.

4. If your shoes are wet…

If your shoes are still wet, or you haven’t used water-repellent protectors, first wash your shoes with warm water as usual. Fill your shoes tightly with moisture-absorbing material, such as paper towels, white paper, or microfiber cloth. Leave the sneakers to dry overnight, change the paper in the morning if necessary and leave it to dry again. You can not put shoes (any!) on the heating batteries.

5. do Not wash white sneakers in the washing machine

Even if your shoes are not made of genuine leather, suede or nubuck, but of synthetic fabric or mesh materials, they should not be washed in the washing machine. At first glance, sneakers perfectly withstand the cycle of delicate washing, in modern cars, there is even a special mode “sports shoes”. But believe me, push-UPS in a centrifuge will significantly reduce the service life of shoes. It is better to wash it manually, using ordinary soap. The rubber sole can be cleaned with white toothpaste and a soft brush.

How to clean white sneakers

To dry the pair as quickly as possible, fill your shoes with paper towels or Newspapers and put them on a rack to dry away from heat sources. This way, the shoes will receive the least loss from washing. But not all the shoes bear the washing without a trace. Some pairs have different elements of decoration and protection based on special impregnations, which after several washes lose their properties or disappear altogether.

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