Who can learn to sew and knit during quarantine

Sitting within four walls, channel the energy in the direction of interest: we have already told you how to learn how to cook according to the recipes of the chefs, how to keep fit and where to look for cultural impressions. If you want to relax, update your wardrobe and keep yourself occupied with something meditative, contact these YouTubers from different countries – their lessons will help you not only knit a cool scarf, sew an eco-shopper or jacket in the style of Billie Eilish, but also improve your English.

Wool And The Gang

“The Glossier team is already learning,” wrote Wool And The Gang on their Instagram, posting their first knitting steps. Mastering a business from scratch or learning new types of knitting with this fashionable DIY brand is not difficult: turn to its YouTube channel for simple and understandable instructions, and go to its Instagram account for inspiration.


Fashionista Wendy Liu from Toronto has long been a DIY guru with a million YouTube subscribers. Watch live streams from home studio withwendy to replicate celebrity looks (Wendy follows Billie Eilish, Timothy Chalamet and more), sew blouses with puff sleeves (including $ 1 fabric), give new life to old clothes and experiment with miniature bags.


“Am I the only one watching this for aesthetics, not sewing?” – viewers comment on the video made by aya, and the remark is true: the Japanese woman manages to shoot crystal clear content, where new things are born as if at the snap of her fingers. How to turn a huge men’s shirt into a summer dress and sew an organza eco-shopper, circle your favorite top to make a pattern for the next blouse, see Ayi’s YouTube. And no chatter – all actions are spelled out or clearly shown on the screen.



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