Who is red hair color suitable for

If you have a lot gray hair, then keep in mind that the red pigment can behave very moody and poorly adhere.

Also, red hair color additionally emphasizes wrinkles, freckles, age spots and other imperfections on the face (people with problem skin are unlikely to want to highlight their flaws).

Advice: if you decide dye your hair, then be sure to do a test first to check if there is any allergy to the paint. Also ask the master to choose the most gentle paint with care components when painting in the salon.

If the red hair color is a complete personification of your character and the perfect complement to natural data, then we suggest you take a closer look at this fashionable palette of red shades.

Save ideas to show your hair stylist.

Red-haired blond and natural light-red go to naturally fair-haired girls. These shades make the look more delicate and romantic.

The perfect complement for blue and light brown eyes!

SalonSecret recipe for color preservation. The red-haired blond has a docile character and requires only one thing – more shine, then he will delight you for many months. We recommend trying shampoo Hello Blondie from Matrix and air conditioning with chamomile extract from the same range. The softness of the strands, ease of combing, shine and protection of the shade – this pair will provide a comprehensive care for your light red tone.

Auburn hair color
coppery hair color

Stylists believe that copper-red suits girls with the “autumn” color type as well as possible.

Girls – “summer” can also safely choose auburn hair color and copper.

SalonSecret recipe for color preservation. Copper reflections will help enhance the copper pigment shot PowerMix from L’Oreal Professionalmixed with any line mask Serie Expert… How to choose a mask for creating pigmented care? If you have damaged strands, cream will do. Absolut Repair… Curly curls will love Curl Contour. Mask Liss Unlimited transforms dull and frizzy hair, and take a mask for antioxidant protection of dyed hair Vitamino Color – you won’t go wrong.

These colors are well suited to the color types “autumn” and “winter”, the shades perfectly emphasize gray, blue and green eyes.

SalonSecret recipe for color preservation. Reddish brown tones also need support in the form of pigmented care. Shot PowerMix with brown pigment can be mixed, for example, with a mask Pro Longer – it is especially relevant for those looking to grow long hair, as its unique formula prevents splitting and thinning of the ends, eliminating the need to regularly remove precious centimeters of length.

A bright red and fiery red hair shade will not leave you unattended from others. Suitable for owners of sky blue and brown eyes.

But it has two drawbacks: it can accentuate skin imperfections and needs to be renewed frequently.

SalonSecret recipe for color preservation. Our experts advise you to enhance the red nuance according to the scheme you already know by adding one shot to the mask PowerMix – this time with a high content of red pigments. But don’t forget that red, like all bright colors, fades quickly. This injustice can be easily corrected with sulfate-free shampoo. Keep Me Vivid from Matrix and indelible care Velvetizer with sun filters. By the way, this treatment is so comfortable that its application itself turns into a pleasant ritual.

Honey and caramel red hair color
caramel red hair color

Beautiful and radiant shades of honey and caramel perfect for girls with pinkish skin tone and blue eyes, these colors can also transform any owner of brown eyes and dark skin.

These shades of red hair color are suitable for almost all types of women, so they do not get tired of being in demand. Choosing a ginger shade or cinnamon, you will definitely not miss.

Pink copper red hair color
Pink copper red hair color

It looks like something out of the realm of fantasy, but this is an absolutely real and very fashionable red hair color in the form of a beautiful overflow from rich copper to light pink.

Bronze the shade of red hair is very versatile. It looks most advantageous on the “autumn” and “spring” color types.

Peach red hair color is now in vogue, but it will look most spectacular on brown-eyed and owners of dark green eyes.

Advice: if your hair is already bleached, then you can use a semi-permanent dye or tinting agent. This is a great hair color option for the summer..

If you decide to get a gorgeous fiery hair, then first you need to find out who the red hair color suits. And although there are not so many “contraindications”, it is important to choose YOUR shade. To do this, it is worth considering several factors: your natural eye shade, skin color type, natural hair shade, and the original facial data. Let’s start with eye color and break it down point by point.

Brown eyes and red hair
red hair color 1

The most striking and well-known image from popular culture is Julia Roberts, a brown-eyed “beauty” with a thick shock of red hair.

In fact, the owners of the most expressive eyes can experiment with almost any shade of red hair, from caramel red to deep copper.

Light brown eyes will very well complement honey shades and red blond, and dark brown will look even more mysterious and expressive in a frame of reddish-brown and copper hair.

Green eyes and red hair
red hair color 2

The seductive image of a witch with red hair and bright green eyes is firmly entrenched in culture.

For those with green eyes, light red and caramel shades are perfect. Light-skinned and green-eyed red-red and brick shades are suitable for girls. For lovers of the fatal look, copper hair and emerald eyes will be a good combination.

Blue eyes red hair
Blue eyes and red hair

For girls with blue eyes, red hair is also suitable. The cool blue eyes will perfectly complement the bright fiery red hue or mahogany color… With light blue eyes, red-brown hair will look good.

Blue-eyed girls can experiment with the most provocative red flowers, from carrot and orange to fiery red.

Gray eyes and red hair
Gray eyes and red hair

Gray-eyed girls will be able to favorably emphasize their look with natural shades of red hair color: golden, amber, light red, light brown and chestnut red.

Skin color and undertone is the most important criterion to rely on when choosing a hair shade.

Let’s figure out which shade of red hair is best for whom.

If your skin is bluish or pinkish, then you’re in luck – almost any shade of red hair is fine for you.

It is better for girls with this undertone to give preference to brighter, richer and darker shades of red hair.

“Snow White” is suitable for any shade of light red hair color range, and of dark red.

In general, fair skin against the background of red hair looks more well-groomed and fresh.

Girls with olive skin are best suited for golden brown shades of red hair and brown and red.

So that the hair does not merge with the face, but effectively frames it and emphasizes the natural beauty, it is better to use saturated colors, for example, red-red hair color and copper.

Advice: rules are made to be broken. No color type will determine your inner comfort and how you see yourself. Do not be afraid to experiment, and the master in the salon will always tell you exactly YOUR option.

Red dyed hair requires special care, as the dye makes it more porous. Follow these tips to protect your hair and keep your fiery color for a long time:

  • Use a care range to maintain coloras shades of red hair and red are especially prone to fading.
  • Avoid harsh cleansing shampoos and sulfates. Well suited, for example, shampoo and balm out of line R.A.W. Color Care from Biolage.
  • Be sure to use air conditioning, do not skip this step for home care – the hair must receive the necessary moisture and nutrition.

Tip: havemake sure to keep the product on your hair for as long as indicated on the manufacturer’s packaging.

  • Wash your hair as little as possiblesince the color is washed out. Dry shampoos can be used to keep your hair fresh between shampoos. Try a spray shampoo Morning After Dust from L’Oreal Pro – it guarantees fresh hair for up to four days.
  • Include shine and maxi oils to care for colored hair. There are multifunctional products such as oil care Elixir Ultime for colored hair from Kerastase.
  • Be sure to use UV-protected productswhen you are in the sun without a headgear. By the way, some fixatives and hair sprays already contain protective components, for example, a strong hold spray Anti-Frizz from L’Oreal Professional protection against moisture and UV rays included.



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