Why Anna Wintour left the show of Karl Lagerfeld and other interesting facts from the life of the designer

Charles Lagerfeld famous on whole world as designer, However not many know, what pet the public was yet and photographer: Charles filmed advertising campaigns for Chanel and Fendi, and one day and at all did several pictures naked celebrities and models (among them was and Demi Moore).

once Charles Lagerfeld lost weight more than on 40 kilogramson this is in him gone near of the year (Now not speak, what your 5 kilograms no way not may disappear). Motivated for fashionable genius served by no means not health or a wish gorgeous to look like on the beachCharles Lagerfeld just hotel to wear costumes Edi Slimana: in then time Edi worked creative director Dior Man.

IN 1992 year from showed Fendi left Anna Wintour, and reason, why main editor American Vogue left show, was quite respectful. A business in Tom, what Charles Lagerfeld invited to participate in showing porn actress and strippers,really, there is what take offense.

Photo: East News

Karl Lagerfeld’s love for cats is known to everyone who is at least a little interested in the work and life of a designer, but Karl adored his white Siamese cat Shuppet most of all animals.

The pet lived in total adoration: she had her own maids, travel on a private plane, her own chauffeur and table setting for lunch at her disposal. “I never thought that I would fall in love with a cat. It is a pity that there are no marriages between animals and humans yet ”, – Karl Lagerfeld once said in an interview.

Karl Lagerfeld almost always appeared in public in mittens – gloves without fingers. It was rumored that Karl’s mother often told him that he had ugly hands, so the designer thus hid his children’s complex from others.

You have probably heard more than once that doctors advise drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day, but Karl Lagerfeld ignored this advice and always drank dietary Coca Cola or Pepsi instead of water. According to rumors, Karl even had a special person who accompanied him to special events with cola on a tray.

Not many people know that Karl Lagerfeld read an amazing amount – there were more than 300 thousand books in his library. Moreover, Karl did not like large books-albums, which were created more for beauty than for reading: the designer preferred those copies that you can take with you to bed. Karl’s hobby was so loved by them that In 2000, the designer opened his publishing house in Paris and a bookstore.

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