Why are diapers so convenient to use?

There were many children and new ones were constantly being born: sons grew up, matured and married. A little later they split up and build their houses in the village. The crowding and lack of fresh air will come to an end. In the meantime, I had to live like this …

The eyewitness account was beyond doubt. He himself went into this family for a short time: to invite a friend to play on the street, the same boy 5-7 years old. Asserts: inhaling and exhaling in the only room was a problem, and eyes hurt – tears immediately flowed.

Many problems remain. But over time, care for baby diapers disappeared – diapers appeared. Parents loved them so much that they immediately ceased to be a brand, a brand, the name of a manufacturer’s company, but became a household word, like a sandwich or a mac.

Of course, there are contraindications for use.


It is not recommended to wear this hygiene item when:

  • hot weather;
  • high fever in a child;
  • illness of the baby, especially if it is accompanied by diarrhea.

As for all kinds of “horror stories” about the emergence in the future of infertility in boys and girls, growth disorders in the crumbs of the hip joints, they were debunked by life itself. A generation of children has grown up who have successfully used disposable diapers. They are alive and well, they became parents, then – grandparents.

And what prevents a child from putting on diapers if desired periodically, for certain periods of time?

For instance:

  • when visiting a doctor;
  • on a long trip;
  • to the walk.
Why are diapers so convenient to use?

They definitely improve the quality of life of the baby and those who care for the little person. Aren’t they enough worries and sleepless nights?

Moreover, it has been proven that disposable diapers bring nothing but convenience to users if they are correctly selected according to:

  • weight;
  • floor;
  • growth;
  • age;
  • motor activity;
  • physique (hip girth);
  • allergological history.

There is nothing to be surprised at – everything is carefully thought out and done in good faith. The price depends on the percentage of cellulose-cotton-absorbent that make up the basis of the product.

Why are diapers so convenient to use?

Several layers:

  1. Outer. In fact, it is a nipple: it passes the liquid freely (in this case, from the child) exclusively in one direction. Delicate cotton will not give a chance to develop “diaper dermatitis”, will protect the baby’s legs from diaper rash, scuffs, redness, peeling, and discomfort.
  2. Expensive (but a high-tech absorbent material) inside the pad will “grab” the baby’s urine and instantly turn it into a gel.
  3. The third component also has a clear task – to carry out and distribute the liquid over the entire surface evenly, to prevent the gel from straying into lumps. Located between the previous two layers.

And you still have to potty train your child. And it’s better to start right from birth – gently hold it over the basin. You can safely recommend reading the works of Nikitins – Boris Pavlovich and Lena Alekseevna. You look, by the age of 5-6 months, the baby will definitely not need any diapers: neither reusable, nor disposable.




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