Why are things at home electrocuted?

Most people are no stranger to the effects of weak electrical discharges. A short click can occur from touching metal, water, and even a plastered wall with your hand. The most important reason for this is the build-up of static electricity.

Lack of grounding for electrical appliances

A normal discharge of accumulated static electricity is unpleasant but harmless. If appliances connected to a household power supply are shocked, then the force of the blow from them can be fatal. Lack of grounding and contact of the power wire with the body of the device will inevitably lead to an electric shock when touched with any part of the body. And this blow will not be a short click of a weak discharge, but a prolonged exposure from the alternating current network. Therefore, household water heaters, electric stoves and other appliances must be grounded.

Static electricity on a computer case

Electrical appliances can shock not only from the mains, but also from the static charge that has accumulated in their cases. In most cases, this does not pose any threat. But this is not desirable for computers. Sometimes, after such a click, they simply turn off or begin to reboot. In Soviet-built apartments, the sockets are not connected to the ground line, so static charge accumulates on the device cases. The increased accumulation of static is promoted by the accumulation of dust, which also clog the radiators of coolers, which leads to overheating of the computer.

It is necessary to ensure that dust does not accumulate either on the surface or inside the case.

Dry indoor air

Water is a natural conductor of electricity. Therefore, part of the static voltage is removed by the moisture contained in the air of the living quarters. With decreasing humidity, static charge builds up significantly more. The drier room atmosphere becomes in winter, which is also facilitated by working heating devices.

To reduce the level of static accumulation, the following measures must be taken:

  • Wet cleaning of the room.
  • Wipe furniture and appliance surfaces with antistatic wipes and damp rags.
  • Use of humidifiers. The humidity level must be maintained within 50-60%

The most effective are ultrasonic humidifiers, which have an antibacterial coating inside the tanks and the ability to adjust the power level.

There are also devices that do not require an electrical connection. They evaporate water from their tanks from the heat of operating radiators.

An abundance of things made of wool and synthetics

The most important suppliers of static electricity are things made from synthetic materials. If they just lie on the shelves, then no charge will form in them. But during wear, when walking on synthetic carpet or linoleum, the accumulation of electricity occurs quickly enough. To minimize the possibility of accumulating energy in clothes, you can use antistatic sprays, surround yourself with things made from natural materials, use wooden combs. But in modern realities it will not be possible to get rid of synthetics completely.

Do you experience the tingling and crackling discomfort of accumulated static electricity?


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