why are we needed and how to use decorative Eye stickers

Eye stickers – a fashion trend that will appeal to all fans of art makeup

There are different types of eye stickers: colored, which will replace your arrows with eyeliner and pencil, and transparent, which will correct imperfections. There are also stickers that can be glued to the temporal region to create an interesting makeup. We will tell you about each of them.

  • Colored decorative stickers

Not so long ago, brands began to produce special stickers – overhead arrows. They allow you to forget about the complicated process of drawing arrows with a pencil and eyeliner. All you have to do is stick the arrow on your eyelid.

The hands on hands are sold individually or as a set, they come in black and color, classic and unusual shapes. In a word, there are any overhead arrows to create an art image.

How to use? Gently peel off the arrow and stick to the eyelid using special glue, as if you were attaching false eyelashes. And you’re done!

There are also stickers that can be applied to the area with the temple. Thanks to them, you will get an unusual art make-up that can be done for a party or birthday.

  • Transparent stickers

Transparent stickers came to us from Asia. Local girls strive to make their eyes bigger and get rid of the impending eyelid. Eyelid stickers help them in this.

The transparent strip is glued to the place where you would like the crease to go. Visually, the sticker can make the eyes deeper and more expressive, while it is completely invisible on the skin: you can safely apply shadows and draw arrows in the usual way.

Such stickers are a salvation for girls with expressionless “flat” upper eyelids and deep-set eyes.


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