Why colitis of the lower abdomen in a girl and how to remove the pain yourself?

Pain is always a sign that the body is undergoing some changes. Painful sensations are associated with the involvement of nerve endings. Very often, girls are faced with different types of it. They can indicate problems with both women’s health and digestive ailments. The spread of factors is very wide, in order to start treatment, you first need to determine the possible cause. In this article, we will understand why colitis in the lower abdomen of a girl, how to provide first aid for complications and much more that may be necessary in such a situation.

If the pain returns again and again, you can never sit idly by. Let’s look at the causes of these symptoms.

Causes of stabbing pains


Painful sensations occur both in pathology and in natural processes of the body. In order not to start treatment for sure and not worsen the situation, you should carefully study the causes:

    • menstruation. Stabbing pains in the lower abdomen during menstruation are extremely common. The uterus contracts and gets rid of unnecessary mucous membrane. This is what leads to the formation of unpleasant sensations in the abdominal cavity. Many girls are able to endure this pain without the use of medications, however, if the spasms bother you very much, you can take an analgesic or consult a gynecologist;


    • diseases of the uterus. If menstrual-like spasms are disturbing at any period of the cycle, and the menses themselves have become longer and more painful, most likely there are some pathologies that can only be established by a gynecologist. In this case, a stabbing pain in the lower abdomen in women appears both on the right and on the left;


    • ectopic pregnancy. This is a serious complication, because sometimes it leads even to a fatal outcome. The primary cause of pathology can be both inflammatory processes and endometriosis, in which often stabbing pain in the lower abdomen occurs after sex. At the heart of this process is the incorrect attachment of a fertilized fetal egg outside the uterus. In such circumstances, to save your life, without professionals, you can not cope. The risk of internal bleeding is high;


    • aerogenesis. In the process of digesting food, food is broken down by anaerobic bacteria. Subsequently, gases are formed, which are either absorbed by the bacteria themselves, or remain inside. You can cope with such pain on your own, but in the case of regular occurrence of this disease, it is worth reviewing your diet and lifestyle: start eating properly and move more. An important point will be to contact a doctor who will study the problem in detail;


    • appendicitis. If the stabbing pain in the lower abdomen of a woman appears on the right, it is highly likely that the Appendix has ruptured. In addition, you may experience fever, nausea, or lack of appetite. In such circumstances, it is necessary to urgently call an ambulance, so as not to bring the situation to a fatal outcome;


    • intestine. The appearance of pain can also be a consequence of an imbalance in the body. In this situation, the patient can also experience diarrhea, fever, loss of appetite. There are many factors of occurrence, but the main ones are poisoning, taking antibiotics, bacterial infections, and so on;


    • muscle inflammation. Stabbing pain in the lower abdomen also occurs due to increased loads, which lead to muscle pain. If you haven’t been doing sports recently, you should go to a doctor to find out the true reason;


    • infections of the urinary system. If, along with tingling in the abdominal cavity, there is a burning sensation when urinating, you need to immediately consult a doctor. It is necessary to pass tests to determine the presence of pathology, which is most often associated with infections.


If none of the presented symptoms are suitable, it is worth paying attention to the article “Causes of abdominal pain”.

Classification of colic

It is worth adding that the root cause of sharp stabbing pains in the lower abdomen can be determined based on the nature of the sensations. To do this, you should study the classification of colic and their types:

    • burning. In this case, the sensation is more like a sharp feeling of hunger, which seems to burn the organs from within. It is a sign of cystitis, ulcerative colitis, cervicitis and other diseases;


    • tonic. Such painful tingling sensations are accompanied by spasms and tension in the muscle fibers. They are a great danger to pregnant girls;


    • sharp. They occur abruptly, and most often it is very difficult to determine the localization. Most often, it is a sign of appendicitis, cysts, problems with the ovary. You need to go to an ambulance immediately;


    • aching. The diseased organ is stretched or inflamed. Often with such symptoms, doctors make such diagnoses as uterine fibroids or cervical polyps, which are very dangerous pathologies;


    • paroxysmal. This kind of feeling occurs due to the presence of pus or bleeding in the abdominal cavity and is somewhat similar to contractions, but doctors do not rule out the fact that this is a sign of bowel disease.



What are the causes of colitis in the lower abdomen of a girl and when do you need to see a doctor?

When making a diagnosis, all factors should be taken into account and all procedures and studies prescribed by the doctor should be applied. First of all, the doctor should conduct a General examination to determine the nature and degree of sensitivity, and then determine a possible pathology for further confirmation through tests and various research methods.

It will be useful to take a General blood test, as well as for HCG, because you can not exclude the fact that it will show the presence of pregnancy, and in the worst case — cysts.

Also, to study in detail the stabbing pain in the lower abdomen, the following methods are used in the diagnosis:

    • UZI. With the help of this study, you can identify diseases of the ovaries, uterus and intestines;


    • gastroscopy. With this method of diagnosis, the doctor can view pathologies of the stomach and esophagus. An important point is that thanks to this procedure, even cancer can be detected;


    • x-ray. A well-known method that can be used if the use of FGDs is not possible;


    • colonoscopy. When using a special tool it is possible to examine the most difficult parts of the intestine;


    • cholescintigraphy. This method of diagnosis is very effective in diseases of the bile ducts.


First aid

What are the causes of colitis in the lower abdomen of a girl and when do you need to see a doctor?

If the pain does not go away and torments for a long time, first of all, you need to determine a comfortable position in which the painful tingling will not be so strong. Provide complete rest for the patient. Then you should put a cold liquid in a bottle or ice on the painful area to alleviate the suffering until the doctor arrives. The last and most important step is to call an ambulance, before the arrival of which in no case should you do the following: move the patient without acute need to do so, take any medications and painkillers, as they will prevent doctors from making a correct diagnosis. Under no circumstances should you put warm or hot objects on the pain points, take a bath or shower, or give food or water. The ambulance must fully trust their competence and to wait for the prescribing or full admission depending on the complexity of the disease, because the causes sharp abdominal pain in women is very difficult to quantify.

When do I need to see a doctor urgently?

What are the causes of colitis in the lower abdomen of a girl and when do you need to see a doctor?

Wondering why a girl has colitis in her stomach, patients often neglect treatment and leave everything for the very last moment, but this is not the right decision, which often leads to serious complications. For some signs, you should urgently consult a doctor. These include:

    • long-lasting sharp pain;


    • discomfort in the chest;


    • high temperature;


    • reduced pressure;


    • getting a yellowish skin tone;


    • appearance of blood in the stool;


    • vomiting with blood;


    • persistent nausea.


The most important thing in this issue is not to delay treatment, but it is better to regularly check with a gynecologist to prevent such an outcome. Thanks to this article, now you know why colitis in the lower abdomen of a girl, how to provide first aid to a neighbor in this case, and what tests will help correctly establish the pathology.


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