Why dark smokey and graphic eyebrows are no longer in trend

Fashion does not stand still. She goes forward and is constantly changing. What was popular yesterday is considered anti-trend today. This also applies to makeup. A girl should know how not to wear makeup this year, so as not to be known as a girl who does not understand fashion at all.

In 2020, naturalness is in fashion. When doing makeup, you should take this into account and get rid of the habit of highlighting your eyes and eyebrows too brightly.


  1. Well defined eyebrows are not worth doing, especially this year. This shape hasn’t just gone out of style. She looks unnatural. It is immediately evident that the eyebrows are simply drawn. It’s good if a good master drew them at the same time. In most cases, these eyebrows look vulgar and make the girl look older. After a certain age, it is not customary to talk about years out loud.Why dark smokey and graphic eyebrows are no longer in trend
  2. The once thick eyebrows have replaced the strings of eyebrows. They looked as natural as possible. However, today the trend towards naturalness is welcome, but the form must be. The girl’s eyebrows should not grow too thick or thin. Everything should be as close as possible to what nature gave, but at the same time it should be enclosed in a beautiful form.Why dark smokey and graphic eyebrows are no longer in trend
  3. Too black eyebrows will not decorate the image of a woman, but only spoil it. The thing is that graphic eyebrows take all the attention to themselves. They also visually make the face heavier, and all its features become coarser, not what they really are. In addition, graphic eyebrows always age their mistress for several years, and no one wants that.Why dark smokey and graphic eyebrows are no longer in trend


Smokey eye makeup is quite popular all over the world. Smoky eyes immediately draw attention to themselves. Because they look attractive and sexy. There are several types of this makeup. For daytime, a lighter “smoky” is usually chosen. For a party or a romantic date – a dark option.Why dark smokey and graphic eyebrows are no longer in trend

It is worth postponing “smokey” for an evening out, and not only because it has become fashionable. There are other reasons:

  • Very often, light eyes are simply lost against a dark background and become almost invisible.
  • An irritation reaction can often appear on the skin. This particularly sensitive skin around the eyes responded to a thick layer of cosmetics.
  • Dark “smoky” many girls do not know how to do it right. Because of this, improperly applied makeup visually reduces the eyes. In this case, just one line is enough to draw incorrectly.

Girls should remember that natural beauty is in fashion this year.


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