Why did it hurt to lie on your right side?

Pain is a symptom indicating a pathological process. It can be of different nature, strength, duration and localization. Thanks to these characteristics, one can assume about the development of a particular disease. However, watch out for additional symptoms. We will consider why it hurts to lie on the right side, what diagnostic methods will help to establish the true cause of the unpleasant sensations and methods of treatment.

If you have any painful sensations, make an appointment with a therapist first. After collecting an anamnesis, he will tell you which tests need to be passed and which narrow specialists to visit.


Painful sensations are a symptom of the disease. Depending on its nature and intensity, you can determine the disease:

  1. Acute, suddenly onset and characterized by high intensity indicates hepatic colic that occurs with gallstone pathology.
  2. Dull, arising gradually and persisting for a long time is a symptom of a chronic disease of the abdominal organs.
  3. Aching with mild intensity indicates colitis and cholecystitis of a predominantly chronic form.
  4. Cramping with alternating strong and weak strength speaks of a spasm in the intestines.

The site of occurrence also helps to find out the root cause:

  1. In the hypochondrium – ailments of the liver (jecur) / gallbladder (vesica fellea).
  2. In the middle part of the abdomen – colitis, and in the lower – appendicitis, adnexitis, inflammation, rupture or ovarian cyst, inflammation of the cecum, pinching of a hernia in the groin in men.
  3. On the same line with the navel – enteritis.
  4. Behind – pleurisy of the lower regions of the sternum, liver abscess.
  5. Above the abdomen – duodenal ulcer, ectopic pregnancy.
  6. Under the ribs and sternum – gastritis and duodenitis. What else are indicated by painful phenomena in the chest region, read in the article “Pain in the sternum on the right”.
  7. The shoulder / scapula extending in the same direction – acalculous cholecystitis.
  8. Shingles – diaphragmatic hernia, pancreatitis.
  9. In the lumbar region – urolithiasis, glomerulonephritis.
  10. Behind, closer to the lower back – pyelonephritis.
  11. In the iliac region – enteritis.

In addition, it arises due to:

  1. Eating fried and fatty foods. It is especially evident in hepatitis and cholelithiasis (cholelithiasis).
  2. Trauma, which in some cases still indicates a rupture or concussion of the organ.
  3. Irregular physical activity. We talked about this in part in the article “Why does it hurt in the side when running?”

Eats fatty and fried

Why is it painful to sleep on your right side?

Most often, soreness indicates hepatitis, cirrhosis. The relaxation that occurs during sleep slows down blood circulation. As a result, the load on the liver increases, and this entails pain. Do you like to sleep on your right side? In this position, the liver is still squeezed by the digestive tract. As a result – the acceleration of the development of the inflammatory process, which entails pain.

The second common cause is cholelithiasis and cholecystitis. When you lie down on your right side, you block the outflow of bile. With its stagnation, the inflammatory process progresses, the pain becomes stronger.

With such pathologies, sleep on the left side, which facilitates blood circulation in diseased organs and the outflow of bile. In case of cholelithiasis, it is recommended to take a warm heating pad to bed and put it to the right hypochondrium.

With hypothermia, painful sensations may occur due to the development of a reactive inflammatory process in the pleural region of the lungs. The cause of the pain is the accumulation of exudative fluid, it presses on the pleura and provokes pain syndrome. The appearance of cough and fever is not excluded. If such symptoms appear, immediately consult a doctor to prescribe a course of antibiotics.

If you ate before bedtime, the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract will remind you of yourself. Do not eat 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Aching, radiating to the right hand, indicates osteochondrosis of the cervical or thoracic vertebrae. In the supine position, the nerve is pressed against the spinous processes of the spine.

The exact cause of the painful tingling sensation can be determined by a specialist based on the diagnosis. First of all, the doctor collects an anamnesis, which prescribes the nature of painful sensations, their intensity and duration, location, at what time and under what actions it manifests itself. Already diagnosed diseases, other symptoms, taking medications are also taken into account..

The next stage is an in-depth examination, including:

  1. X-ray.
  2. Ultrasound for suspected gynecological, urological or gastroenterological ailments.
  3. MRI to exclude the presence of benign or malignant neoplasms, diverticula, changes in the hip joint.
  4. Laparoscopy and general cavity surgery.

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How to remove unpleasant symptoms

It is possible to eliminate pain sensations only after treating the disease that provoked them. Do not take analgesics or antispasmodics without a doctor’s prescription. If there is pain, seek help. The sooner their cause is found out, the faster it can be cured.

If you delay the visit to the doctor, then the risk of complications increases.

The mainstay of treatment for many diseases is diet. With a patient with vesica fellea or the digestive tract, you will have to give up spicy, fatty and fried foods. For bowel ailments, exclude spices and coarse fiber from the diet. In case of pancreatitis, you will have to fast for 2-3 days..

Medicines are selected by the doctor depending on the disease. For example, inflammatory changes are treated with antibiotics, oncology, radiation, radio- and chemotherapy. To remove stones from the vesica fellea and ducts, agents containing bile acids are prescribed. If the patient is painful to lie on the right side or pain appears at a different time, analgesics and antispasmodics are prescribed.

It is not always possible to avoid surgery. This applies to cases of diagnosis of appendicitis, ovarian rupture, ectopic pregnancy, cholelithiasis (when drug therapy has not yielded results), resectable types of neoplasms, and others.

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