Why do small pimples appear on the legs and how to get rid of them?

Small pimples on the legs can appear in women or men of any age. Especially often sprinkles on small children, and this causes concern for parents. Rashes can indeed be an early symptom of a serious illness, so they should not be ignored. In this article, you will find the most common causes of acne on the legs, relevant for adults and children. Here are the types of rashes that each may indicate. Methods of getting rid of the problem are given; treatment depends on the root cause and the provoking factor.

The most common external causes are weather conditions. The body is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. In cool and humid weather, people are sprinkled more often. In children, the rash can be related to overheating, when sweating increases, but there is not enough air exchange to evaporate the sweat. The clogging of the pores leads to an inflammatory response. The reasons may vary.

About the reasons

In women, rashes on the lower extremities are often associated with clothes and shoes, in particular with tights and high-toed boots. To prevent this from happening, you should give preference to natural materials, choose tights on a cotton basis. The less skin comes into contact with synthetics, the lower the risk of a negative reaction.

The next reason also applies to a greater extent to women, this is hormonal imbalance. Excess or insufficient production of a certain hormone leads to acne. If a girl of childbearing age notices small acne on her legs, she should be tested for progesterone. The body may not be producing enough of it.

Considering predominantly female reasons, one cannot fail to note the frequent shaving of the legs. A provoking factor can be a poor-quality razor, improper procedure, inappropriate shaving products and after. This can cause pimples with ingrown hairs inside.

Another factor that is relevant for people of any gender and age is a lack of vitamins in the body. With a decrease in the general protective forces, the local immunity of the skin decreases. This leads to inflammation, which manifests itself as small red dots and large abscesses.

A rash on the body can be a manifestation of an allergy, especially if it itches. To confirm or deny this, it is worth taking an antihistamine and observing the reaction. If the itching stops, then it is an allergy. If it does not stop, then the problem may lie in a disease of the internal organs. This is how diseases of digestion, dysbiosis, and intoxication manifest themselves.

Why do small pimples appear on the legs and how to get rid of them?

First of all, one should remember everything new that has appeared in recent days: foods in the diet, cosmetics, medications. Many drugs have such a side effect, manufacturers write about this in the instructions for use.

What are acne types?

After evaluating the appearance of the rash, it can be assumed what is the cause of it. That is why medical treatment always begins with an examination.

Small white

White small pimples on the thighs and legs can indicate a number of problems of dermatological, venereal, endocrine origin. Abrupt changes in hormonal levels are normal for women during menstruation, pregnancy and lactation; in all other situations, examination and treatment will be required.

It may be due to a deficiency of vitamins or other nutrients. Most often, hypovitaminosis occurs in winter and spring. First of all, you should revise your diet. If the tests show a strong deficiency, then it will not be possible to overcome it only through nutrition, it is necessary to take the vitamin complexes prescribed by the doctor.

Red eruptions

They arise from synthetic clothing that does not allow air to pass through and does not allow the skin to breathe. An allergic rash looks like this, it is accompanied by itching or a burning sensation. The body can react in this way to taking antibiotics. They destroy both harmful and beneficial bacteria, resulting in dysbiosis.

That is why antibacterial drugs can not be drunk without a doctor’s prescription, each course should be accompanied by the intake of probiotics.

Small, red rashes may appear after epilation. If it is carried out incorrectly, then microdamages are formed on the skin. An infection gets into them, and then the red dots become abscesses. There are several guidelines for proper leg shaving:

  • purchase a machine with a floating head;
  • it is better to buy male models, they are created less traumatic;
  • if pustules appear, they cannot be squeezed out. They are treated with Hydrocortisone ointment, after reading the instructions and making sure there are no contraindications;
  • Before shaving, it is recommended to steam the skin and clean it with a mild scrub. It will remove dead skin cells, so that the blade can fit more tightly to the skin;
  • after-shave products should not include alcohol-containing components and alcohol, they increase irritation;
  • the razor moves exclusively against hair growth.

Why do small pimples appear on the legs and how to get rid of them?

Fine and dry

Usually appear on the thighs, the reason may be inappropriate cleansing of the skin, as well as allergies to cold. It looks like hives in appearance. If the rash becomes paler when you press it with your finger, it is a sign of a cold allergy. Also, small dry rashes can appear on the basis of psycho-emotional shocks.

People of any sex and age are susceptible to this, but women are stronger than others. For girls, the main provoking factors are hormonal imbalances, shaving, hypothermia, synthetic tights. For men – nutritional deficiencies, synthetic clothing, colds. For children – in most cases, urticaria, which disappears after a course of baths with decoctions of chamomile or a series.

Why do small pimples appear on the legs and how to get rid of them?

On the feet

There are no sebaceous glands on the skin of the feet, so acne on them cannot be the result of a banal blockage of the sebaceous duct. Therefore, if detected, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist as soon as possible, this is a symptom of a number of diseases:

  • dyshidrotic eczema. It develops after contact with aggressive chemical components in household and industrial chemicals. Pimples are like bubbles of liquid, when they burst, bacteria enter the body through the damaged skin. Thus, severe inflammation can begin with an increase in body temperature;
  • dyshidrosis. The rash appears on the feet and palms, caused by increased sweating, so it often bothers in the summer;
  • itchy dermatitis. It is characterized by numerous acne with liquid inside, severe itching. It develops on the basis of contact with chemistry, after taking antibiotics, when wearing too tight shoes.

Why do small pimples appear on the legs and how to get rid of them?

How to get rid of small acne on the legs?

You should not try to diagnose yourself, sometimes even an experienced doctor cannot determine the essence of the problem by visual examination, additional examinations are necessary. Their appearance cannot be ignored, this is not just an external flaw, but an inflammatory process inside the body. If you do not pay enough attention to it, then this can lead to the development of serious pathology.

Treatment will be prescribed depending on the diagnosis. Salicylic acid or antibiotic ointments, for example, Zenerit, are often prescribed. When using them, you need to monitor the condition of the skin; dryness may appear as a side effect. In addition to local treatment, the doctor may prescribe a complex of vitamins; vitamin A is especially important for the skin.

Why do small pimples appear on the legs and how to get rid of them?

To quickly get rid of itching and irritation, you can use Bepanten and zinc-based products. They dry acne quickly and are antibacterial. You can also use retinoid ointments such as Radevit. Cosmetic procedures such as ozone therapy can be connected to the main treatment.

In folk medicine, there are also remedies for small acne on the legs. To relieve inflammation, you can use decoctions of chamomile or calendula, they wipe the inflamed areas twice a day, you can add to baths. If the problem is excessive sweating, then oak bark will help to eliminate it. In such situations, in folk recipes, it is recommended to make masks from three parts of kefir and a part of dry white clay. The composition is applied to the affected area and kept for 10 to 15 minutes.

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