Why do stars in the summer wear men’s striped pants

We already told you that masculine striped pants in the style of Italian gangsters of the last century are more relevant this summer than ever. Lest you think that hot summer trends are out of touch with reality, we hasten to dissuade you. It is these trousers that Western stars simply adore to wear. Among them are Bella Hadid, Zendea, Sofia Ritchie, Emily Ratzkowski (the latter, by the way, loves to read feminist books) and many others. Perhaps the main fashionable technique of these girls is to combine loose high-waisted trousers with a snow-white tight-fitting cotton crop top. Moreover, all of our selection do it without a bra, and in the choice of shoes either remain faithful to white classic sneakers, or choose a more elegant pair of leather and with a small heel. We do not stop singing praises to Skims breast scotch tape, so if you are not ready to give up your bra, feel free to take a couple of rolls for the summer and repeat the reception of cool stars. However, by his own example, the Vogue editor had the opportunity to make sure that such trousers would look no less great with a snow-white T-shirt tucked into them.

We made your task easier and chose several models that will favorably emphasize the waist, make you visually thinner and give you a million more possibilities for fashionable combinations in the future.


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