Why do teenagers go to informal protest?

What clothes should a teenager buy to stop the urge to stand out from the crowd?

Is a parent able to buy the clothes a teenager needs? Should a parent buy his clothes himself? Everyone will give their answer, but I believe that with any budget, you need to ask the child how he wants to look, what impression he wants to make. Otherwise, you can lose your child in adolescence. He will get tired of simply fighting with his parents for his right to self-expression and will go into a cruel and merciless protest. Moreover, becoming a part of a certain subculture is not the worst thing, because there are completely harmless directions, it is worse to suppress the desire in a child to search for himself.

Still, people who go against the mainstream are a minority, and sometimes parents are faced with the problem that the child does not want to dress neatly, that the boy and even the girl are indifferent to their appearance. This is no less a problem. This is also a protest.

Let me give you an example from life that I had to go through, my husband in the first year of marriage injected me into paint constantly, because he preferred to wear work overalls everywhere. Camouflage trousers and a worn T-shirt could have appeared at a family holiday. Perhaps he so protested against family values, traditions that had to be followed uncompromisingly. But over time, everything passed.

Modern subcultures

If an informal person or a character who wants to shock lives in a person, then even in adulthood, the protest will be present, even if in adolescence he played enough with otherness. For example, a friend of mine in her teens wore a large pin in her ear and grinders, so she attracted the attention of passers-by. Now that she is married, she shocks with baggy, rude outfits, which society also does not accept, but thereby she attracts attention.

Why, in my opinion, a teenager can commit an absurd act by joining a subculture, because the vision of oneself as an individual has not yet been formed. There is no money for the maximum lead. Therefore, wishing to declare himself to the world, instead of searching for himself, a young man decides to become the same as all people in his chosen subculture. That is why I have always considered the decision to become part of the subculture absurd, at least not ideologically, but outwardly.

“I am not like you, but I am like them. I did not want to get lost in the ocean, but I will drown myself in a puddle. ” A strange decision. Therefore, the parent must make every effort so that the child finds his individuality, his chip. It is necessary to explain to him that now the personality wins, that gathering in a flock is justified by age, but this is a useless waste of time. It seems to me that friendship with a child will help stop his desire to seek support and understanding on the side.

But, no matter how much you want and dreamed of helping the child find himself, you still need to know what subcultures are and will be. Forewarned – armed.

Teenage subcultures

Korean Wave (Hallu)

A modern subculture, originally from South Korea, an alternative to anime. There are many fans of Korean music groups in Russia. In the group, as a rule, there are up to 10 participants who have undergone plastic surgery and therefore have pretty faces, big eyes, small lips and nose.

Why do teenagers go to informal protest?


While there is no alternative to modern femininity, we can talk about this visual Instagram image as an existing subculture. You can recognize a “vanilla” girl, modern, romantic, a little depressive, by a sloppy bun on her head, neat makeup, and big glasses.

There is nothing strange in this subculture, except that all the girls look like a carbon copy.


This is a subculture of wealthy intellectual youth, who are for expensive gadgets, but are ready to look vintage in clothes. The peak of the subculture has passed, but few people know how hipster girls should look. In my opinion, this subculture was a marketing ploy, of which only barbershops, which are now at every corner in most cities, are.


Workout is one of the safest subcultures, if you do not take into account that you can only become part of the movement after endless acrobatic training. Members of the movement choose healthy lifestyles and sportswear from well-known brands.

Emo, goths, freaks

These subcultures are the most dangerous in terms of attributes and ideology. Goths and emo sing the romance of death, and freaks pierce and scar their bodies. Speaking about danger, one must understand that the followers of these subcultures do not pose a threat to others, their worldview can harm them and ruin their whole future life.


Associating a gamer with clothing is not easy. But almost every computer game lover has at least one T-shirt with the print of his favorite game. To become one of the gamers, you don’t need to leave your home, you just have to go headlong into a computer with good powers. A dangerous undertaking. In order to avoid problems, the parent, probably, should not forbid, but should create a reality that will be more interesting than virtuality.

There are also radical subcultures such as AUE, offniks, but with them a completely separate story, which we will talk about another time.

While working on the article, I learned a lot about subcultures, the attributes and elements of which are found in modern youth fashion.

  • Pachuco. Belt chains.
  • Argentinean floggers. Bright sports jackets and white shoes.
  • New romantics. Bows and frills, including on men’s shirts.

Answering the question of the article, in order to stop a teenager’s keen desire to stand out from the crowd, you need to buy the teenage clothes that he wants, that he likes. There is no need to argue with him, try to instill your vision, because this can lead to distance or even break of ties.

For me, as a stylist, subculture is a protest, but not against society, but against my personality. Self-deception, the path of least resistance, and utopia. But if youth knew.

Author: stylist Elena Khmelevskaya

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