Why does a child grind his teeth in a dream? Main reasons

Scientifically, grinding and grinding teeth is called bruxism. This phenomenon is typical for the phase of REM sleep. For some reason, the tone of the facial muscles increases, provoking a contraction of the chewing muscles. When the lower and upper jaw collide, there is a grinding sound. Episodes can be repeated several times per night. If a person lives alone or a child sleeps separately from their parents, the symptom can go unnoticed for a long time.

Bruxism reasons can be different: dental, psychological, neurological etc. The most common provocateurs in children are as follows:

  • nervous tension, increased fatigue;
  • malocclusion or abnormal structure of the jaws;
  • teething;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • helminth infection;
  • inflammation of the adenoids and other diseases of the ENT organs.

If we talk about babies, bruxism often causes weaning (early or too abrupt), sleep disturbance – for the same reason weaning or nervous tension. Often suffer from bruxism, hyperactive children and sleepwalkers – those who walk in their sleep.


Among the most dangerous root causes of bruxism is epilepsy. In Soviet times, a connection was seen between this serious ailment and grinding teeth at night. This symptom has always caused anxiety on the part of the parents. Meanwhile, recent studies have not revealed a direct connection between the two phenomena; if they are concomitant, then in adults.

Much more often, bruxism is detected in the presence of helminths, as evidenced by folk experience. Parasites often affect babies, cause discomfort, itching. The irritating factor forces the child to toss and turn in sleep, salivation increases. The jaws move involuntarily during sleep. In addition, helminths reduce the level of vitamin B12 in the body, which leads to impaired neuromuscular transmission. Muscle contraction occurs not only at night, but also during wakefulness.

Neuroses, lack of vitamins, containment of negative energy can cause bruxism. Neurological causes of jaw muscle contraction and teeth grinding include:

  • fear;
  • depression and nervous tension;
  • family quarrels;
  • stress;
  • the presence of fear;
  • physical and nervous fatigue;
  • overload associated with studies;
  • lack of attention from loved ones.
Why does a child grind his teeth in a dream?  Main reasons
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Respiratory diseases – rhinitis, adenoids, etc., curvature of the nasal septum – can also cause bruxism. When the tonsils in the pharynx enlarge, shortness of breath occurs, and the bite may even change. The child tosses and turns in me, opens and closes his mouth, which can provoke teeth grinding.

If a parent suspects the presence of any pathologies in the child’s health or conditions that provoke the child’s teeth creak at night, it is worth analyzing the situation and seeking help from a pediatrician or dentist.

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