Why does a man need an umbrella?

That begs the question, why do we need men’s umbrellas at all, because most men deprive them of attention. In addition, they are not as bright and beautiful as women’s umbrellas. But there is a demand for them, the production of this item of men’s wardrobe does not stop, which means that there are some other reasons why men simply cannot do without an umbrella.

The first reason is savings

A prudent and practical man will definitely buy an umbrella, because he can easily calculate that its presence will help to significantly save on buying clothes.

Yes, modern clothes are made from practical, wear-resistant materials, and materials with water-repellent properties are often used for sewing outerwear. But, you must admit, the service life of a jacket, which was regularly forced to “sour” in the pouring rain, is much less than a jacket, which was carefully protected from the weather with an umbrella.

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The second reason is romance

A real gentleman, going to a romantic promenade with his lady, is simply obliged to have an umbrella with him, so that in case of an unforeseen deterioration in weather conditions, he will shelter his companion from the raging elements. By the way, most likely for this reason, according to etiquette, a man’s umbrella should be much larger than a woman’s.

And they also produce special umbrellas for joint romantic walks in the rain. These umbrellas have an interesting design: they have a large double dome. By the way, an umbrella can help a man and a girl to meet.

Why does a man need an umbrella?
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The third reason is status

Can you imagine a self-respecting, successful person, a boss coming to an office or meeting in a wet business suit? Of course not. Even if he is a couple of dozen steps from the car to the doors of the office building, he is unlikely to run them in the rain, covering his head with a folder.

In addition, with such an accessory as an umbrella, you can easily and unobtrusively emphasize your status, or add solidity to your appearance, and in the case of an umbrella-cane – even respectability. And such a wardrobe detail (as well as an expensive tie, a good watch or shoes) can also add a little to self-confidence.

The fourth reason is style

An umbrella, and a men’s umbrella in particular, can be trendy, sophisticated, and simply stylish. In modern stores (and online stores), umbrellas are so diverse and wide assortment that it is easy to choose an accessory for almost any suit, which, among other things, will emphasize the good taste and sense of style of its owner.

By the way, classic cane umbrellas play well in this case, because such an accessory is a timeless trend.

The fifth reason (the most commonplace) is health

And of course, an umbrella is necessary for those (both man and woman) who cares about their own health. No explanations are needed here.

Why does a man need an umbrella?
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Yes, men can say that they don’t like umbrellas because they:

  • impractical and often break down (of course, if you buy cheap, low-quality models);
  • they are suitable only for women, and men are made less brutal (well, yes, the look of a “wet chicken” is much more masculine than the look of a man under a stylish, solid men’s umbrella).

As you can see, men’s reasons to categorically refuse to use umbrellas are more like excuses, but the reasons to buy an umbrella and use it if necessary are quite significant. So a good umbrella will be, for example, a wonderful gift for a man.

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