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Why does the washing machine jump? 10 reasons and their solutions

Shipping bolts not removed

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If the washing machine has just arrived from the store, and after installation has continued its “journey”, it is possible that the special bolts that fix the device during transportation were not removed.

We recommend that you check the instructions before installing the machine and strictly follow it, otherwise the bolts on the back and fixing the drum may prevent the equipment from working correctly.

Uneven floor

If all the parts are connected correctly, and the machine is still jumping, the reason may be a crooked floor. To test this guess, you should slightly shake the product: on an uneven surface it will “limp”.

To regulate the machine, its manufacturers have provided special legs, which must be gradually screwed in and out to level the device. The process will go faster if you use the building level.

Washing machine on uneven floor

Slippery bottom

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The legs are adjusted, but the clipper is still not in place? Pay attention to the flooring. If it is smooth or glossy, the device has nothing to cling to, and the slightest vibration causes displacement.

If repairs are not planned, you can use a rubberized mat or anti-slip foot stickers.

Washing machine mat

Unevenly distributed laundry

Another common cause of strong vibration during spinning is loss of balance due to imbalance inside the machine. Water and laundry that rotate during operation press on the drum and the appliance starts to wander. To avoid this, you should load the machine according to the instructions.

Unevenly distributed laundry

Abundance of water

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When washing on a gentle cycle, the machine protects clothes and does not drain all the water between rinses. The product may jump simply due to the increased weight.

If this does not happen while working in other programs, it is impossible to correct the deficiency – all that remains is to monitor the device and put it back in place after each wash.

Delicate wash

Overloaded drum

If you hammer the washing machine to the limit, ignoring the instructions, at high speeds, the device will swing more than usual. Under these conditions, the product may soon need to be repaired and will cost much more than the saved water, laundry detergent and electricity. The drum should be filled moderately tightly, but so that the door can be locked easily.

Overloading the washing machine

Shock absorber wear

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If the problem with a jumping washing machine appeared recently, the reason is a breakdown of some part. Shock absorbers are designed to mitigate vibrations that occur when the drum is actively rotating. When they wear out, vibrations become more noticeable, and the elements need to be replaced.

In order not to accelerate the breakdown process, distribute the laundry evenly before washing and do not overload the machine. When checking worn shock absorbers, no resistance is felt.

Washing machine shock absorbers

Broken counterweight

This concrete or plastic block gives stability to the appliance and helps to dampen vibration. If the attachments to it are loose or the counterweight itself has partially collapsed, a characteristic noise occurs, and the machine begins to stagger. The solution is to check and adjust the mounts or replace the counterweight.

Machine and counterweight repair

Worn bearings

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The bearings provide easy rotation of the drum. They serve for a long time, but when moisture gets in or the lubricant is abraded, friction deteriorates, which leads to a grinding noise and increased drum resistance. Bearings can fail if the machine is used for more than 8 years.

How to determine that the reason is in them? The laundry does not spin well, the balance of the device is disturbed, the seal may be damaged. If the bearing disintegrates, this can lead to complete equipment failure.

Worn bearings

Spring wear

All washers are equipped with springs that help the shock absorbers to reduce vibration. After several years of work, they stretch and do not cope with their function worse. Due to damaged springs, the drum shakes more than usual, which is why the electrical appliance starts to “walk”. To get rid of the problem, it is worth changing all the springs at once.

Washing machine springs

A “galloping” car can damage the bathroom interior, as well as bring costly repairs closer. Therefore, we recommend that you treat the appliance with care and do not ignore the unusually loud noise and vibration.

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