Why is it absolutely necessary to change your beauty routine in summer?

Why change your beauty routine in summer?

A beauty routine, whether devoted to skin care or hair, must be skillfully composed according to your needs. And these change according to the seasons. In winter, the skin tends to dry out quickly, as it is subjected to wind and cold. Ditto for the hair! But when the sunny days are here, the skin not only needs to be hydrated, but also protected from the sun. In short, you do not have the same needs whether you experience hot summer temperatures or rather cool winter temperatures. Depending on the season, you can also add and remove beauty gestures. For example, a care mist moisturizer will be perfect in spring / summer to spray a little freshness throughout the day. On the contrary, a all-in-one balm is ideal for nourishing skin damaged by the cold in winter.

Beauty routine: which face treatments to adopt in summer?

When it’s hot, you only think about one thing: freshness. No more creams that are too rich or make-ups that are too loaded during the day, the leitmotiv is lightness. On the care side, opt for a hydrating serum before’apply a day cream. How to choose it? Bet on a moisturizer, and choose a gel / cream or light texture instead. A too nutritious and comforting treatment is often not pleasant to wear in summer and will be more adequate in winter. While some dermatologists advise wearing sunscreen all year round, their advice applies especially in summer since it is the moment when the sun’s radiation is most present and intense. So think about putting a protection to fight daily against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays (skin aging, superficial burns, brown spots, skin diseases…). Also don’t forget to use an eye contour treatment, essential for moisturizing this delicate and fragile part of the face, whatever the season. In summer, still prefer a less rich and fresher texture: in addition to being more pleasant to apply, it will give you an effect of freshness and will awaken your gaze. As explained previously, a mist refreshing and hydrating can also be incorporated into your daily beauty routine. Take it all day with you and spray it as soon as you need it. Little tip: for more freshness, place your mist in the refrigerator beforehand!

Beauty routine: what hair care to adopt in summer?

Hair does not have the same needs in summer as in winter either. Why ? They simply do not suffer the same attacks. This is why you can adapt your routine. If you spend your summer at the beach, sand, salt and the sun are not your hair’s allies because they tend to dry them out. The sun also tends to change the intensity and color of your coloring. How to avoid this? By spraying a UV protective spray specifically designed to protect your hair before you leave your home, and often during the day if you spend it at the beach. Then, washing during the summer is often more frequent since we sweat more wherever we bathe in the chlorine of the swimming pool or the salt water of the sea. Our advice? Bet on a very gentle shampoo, ideal for frequent washing. As well, don’t forget the conditioner and above all, perform deeper and longer treatments such as masks or oil baths more regularly than usual, especially if you are in the sun. Finally, maybe you also want to turn to products with a more summery scent: fruit, monoi, vanilla… The choice is wide!



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