Why is it good to be sad and angry, but the positive can be toxic

Positive thinking has been shown to help you better deal with stress, anxiety, and even prolong life. But it becomes toxic when a person tries to suppress their true emotions. The article will help you figure out why unpleasant experiences cannot be denied, and in what cases a positive can be harmful.

You can’t always be positive

In a person’s life, everything is not good just because he perceives everything positively. If unpleasant situations happen, then you cannot completely turn off your own emotions, because they show the body’s reaction. In the expression of feelings there is not only a psychological component, but also a physiological one. Take anger, for example. If someone pushed a person hard, then an adrenaline rush occurs in his body, and he feels a surge of anger. You cannot control the appearance of an emotion, you can only change the form of its expression. In other words, the person himself decides what to do in this case: push, shout, respond with bad words, or remain silent and move away.

Therefore, trying to stay positive all the time and not express your emotions is like trying not to feel hungry.

How to better experience your emotions

People deal with unpleasant situations in different ways. The most important thing is to experience the initial emotions that have arisen. After gradual reflection on the prevailing circumstances, you can consider them from different angles. A possible consolation can be the experience that a person receives as a result of an unpleasant incident. But this doesn’t always work. If the past events only stress, then one cannot look for positive aspects in them. Sadness and anger are there to help people get through life’s difficulties.

The correct expression of emotions involves the selection of the correct forms that will fit the situation. For example, anger is thought to be a bad emotion. This opinion was formed only due to the fact that she has many unpleasant forms of manifestation: offensive expressions, shouts, physical aggression. It’s not that anger is bad, but that the form of its expression may be inappropriate or cause harm to other people.

Why positive can hurt

Sometimes a person in a difficult situation tries to remain positive, denies his real emotions. And this is harmful. People who try not to get angry or sad will use up a lot of energy to hold on to and not show real feelings. If you do not allow yourself to be sad for a long period, then unlived sadness or grief will turn into depression, a constantly underestimated emotional background. In this case, nothing will bring joy to a person at all. Since anger contains a lot of biological energy, suppressing it can lead to chronic headaches.

Finding yourself in unpleasant circumstances, you have to make tremendous efforts to try to feel what is not. Smiling when you don’t feel like doing it is a lot of work. If at the same time a person feels bad, then this can happen at the limit of his capabilities and take away the last strength.

You should allow yourself to experience and experience any feelings. After all, both negative and positive emotions can become an impetus that will help you understand what to pay attention to in life and what to change.

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