Why is it so hard to build abs? Typical mistakes

Mistake number 1. Download abs every day. The efficiency of such pumping is significantly overestimated. Even if you do the exercise every day at least a hundred times, it will not give your muscles relief in a few weeks.

Do you exercise three times a week or every day – the result will be obtained at about the same time. Therefore, you should not overuse training, trying to quickly pump up the press.

  • It is enough to perform a set of exercises for the abdominal muscles 3-4 times a week, but do it carefully and wisely.

Mistake number 2. Uniform exercises. If you do the same exercise for a long time, the muscles get used to it and stop responding properly. In this case, progress is noticeable only for the first time, and then neither muscle mass nor grows, nor excess fat goes away.

  • In this case, you just need to increase the load, for example, speed up, or start doing more sets over time.
  • Weights will also help increase the load. At first, your own body weight is enough, but then you can use a dumbbell, kettlebell or even a barbell.

Mistake number 3. Pumping individual muscle groups. Usually they do exercises for the lower press and upper press.

  • However, it is necessary, firstly, not to forget about the transverse abdominal muscle, which is pumped only if you do complex exercises that involve several types of muscles.
  • It is also important to pay enough attention to back training. Without a strong back, the abs will not be pumped enough.
  • In this case, you should alternate and combine aerobic exercise with power.

Only a set of measures will lead to the desired result. At the same time, stretching for the formation of a relief press is not very suitable.

Why is it so hard to build abs?  Typical mistakes

Mistake number 4. Ignore proper nutrition. Only strength training can not pump up the abdominal muscles, and the volume of the abdomen depends directly on proper nutrition.

  • First of all, you should get rid of the excess of existing fat: start monitoring your diet, strive for a calorie deficit, and avoid fast carbohydrates. In a word, you will have to remove fat all over the body, and only then will it begin to leave the abdomen.

It is especially difficult for women: they have a mass of subcutaneous fat – up to 5% of the total body weight. And the lack of testosterone, which is responsible for muscle growth, leads to the fact that it is more difficult for the beautiful half of humanity to lose weight than for men.

Why is it so hard to build abs?  Typical mistakes

Mistake number 5. Plank as a panacea for all ills. It is believed that the plank, if done every day, will tighten not only the abdominal muscles, but also the entire body. However, in fact, this exercise does not give any visible result: the bar is needed to maintain the general tone of the body, and in order to form a relief press, intensive basic exercises are better suited.

  • It is optimal to choose 3-5 exercises and do several approaches with 15-20 repetitions.

So, avoiding the most popular mistakes when pumping the abdominal muscles, you can achieve results in a few months and notice that the press has become stronger and more prominent.


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